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Clomid Only?


My doc recently prescribed 50 mg of clomid a day as part of our fertility treatment. My question is, what does clomid do if its not being run pct and being mixed into a fairly hormonaly balanced body? What kind of effects/side effects should I expect, if any?
Any responses will be greatly appreciated.


Clomid is a synthetic estrogen that is not as potent as your own body's estradiol.

When it binds to estrogen receptors the stronger estradiol can't bind to them.

In the hypothalamus this blocking action causes the gland to release more gonadotropin releasing hormone.

Which in turn causes the pituitary to release more gonadotropin (leutinizing hormone,LH)

Which in turn causes the gonads (testes) to produce more sperm and testosterone.

While on it, I found that my girl was really wasting her time tweaking my nipples.


does something like nolvadex have similar effect?


Since both nolva and clomid are mild estrogens, they should have similar effects, aye


I've been taking Clomid for more than 2 years and my blood tests show no hormonal imbalances.


Get your eyes checked, there is a relationship between long-term clomid use and eye problems.


Prisoner# 22 Could you give your thoughts on pct and AI use,particularly as it pertains to short cylces(3-4 week)I have also read about the negative impact on eye sight,that is why I ask,Thanks for the input.