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Clomid-Only Post Cycle

Hello everyone. Finished my first cycle 2 weeks ago and I’m about to start with clomid only pct.
I was on 500 testosterone ena weekly (2x250) and 100mg of proviron last 3 weeks.
In addition to clomid, I will take some herbs (aswagandha, ginseng), zma, daa etc. to speed up recovery.
The only thing I’n unsure of are dosage of clomid.
I wanted to go 50mg daily for two weeks but I read on the internet, some people go with 100 or 200mg daily.
What to do?
Cheers guys.

50 is more than enough. At 100 and above there’s a significantly higher rate of side effects.


Skip the DAA. You’ll spend your entire pct on the toilet and the Clomid will make its effects meaningless.

The “typical” PCT we see is basically a double dose for two weeks then a single dose for two weeks. Clomid’s dose being 50mgs and nolvadex’s dose being 20mgs. So when we they are combined we see a single dose of each for two weeks then half a dose of each for two weeks.

In all real world practical applications this is probably high.

I think for clomid a dose of 50mgs a day for the entire four weeks should be good given your cycle. Just keep in mind some guys react to clomid, I do. I cry like a pregnant chic on it. Just like those early days of a cycle where some of us feel hot and easily angered, if we slow down and remember that we have drugs in us effecting out moods, we can usually keep things in check. I know I had to remind myself the first few cycles but once I did it was easy enough going afterwards. So if you do react to clomid, I would think it should be something similar, you can catch yourself and stop the emotional reaction. Of not then you should switch to nolvadex or if that is not an option, lower the clomid dose.

I am not trying to scare you, just want you aware so you can catch any issue before it does something in your life.

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thank you all. I started with 25mg clomid ed and I feel really good taking it. My libido is better, mood as well. Should I stay on this dosage then or increase to 50 as I see most of you guys recommend it.
I also take ashwagandha, ginseng, 50mg zinc, 3000mg daa, mg citrate, 1g vitamine c

If you’re on it long enough then there’s no need to increase the dose.

How are you now?