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Clomid Only HRT


I have low test...42 years old 240 pounds, probably 20% BF. I've had low test for a while probably under 300 but never have had it treated.

Last doctor I saw about 4-5 years ago said TRT would be "lifetime" and it would shut down everything HPTA etc., so I didn't want to do that.

Believe it or not I WAS pretty strong (365 bench even with low test, although I've been lifting for years, so that's not so impressive). I do have low libido and constant low mood.

Anyway, I read some harvard study where they talked about the importance of test...they mentioned Clomid ALONE could raise test (by blocking feedback in the HPTA).

Would that be worth a shot or are there some drawbacks to it?

Also for the people on TRT, are they self-injecting? Intra-muscular? I've heard that's painful, I couldn't imagine doing that twice per week. I don't think I want to see teh endo doctor every week or even every two weeks to get painful injections. Maybe that gel stuff would work for me. I would also want to use some kind of hcg to keep my own testes functioning.

I'm seeing the doctor in a couple weeks for some tests and to see what he says (endocrinologist)...most likely he's not going to feel comfortable doing off label prescriptions (ie not approved by the FDA for a particular usage) so I doubt he'd prescribe Clomid anyway.

Before when I was tested for low test they did a pulsile test, etc. I didn't know that much about what they were doing but basically my test is just low. It's not that my testes don't work, they do, it's just that the thermostat is set too low. Nothing physical per se.

Any suggestions? Has anyone tried using Clomid alone just to raise test some for a little while (kind of cycling it)?


I have to bump this and add stuff.

I will ask for a blood test of e2, free test, total test, t3, t4, tsh, fsh and the rest…

As I remember it my total test was like 250, and this was 5 years ago. So it’s probably about 200 now, if that.

To be on clomid and possibly an AI, one would have to basically take it forever, but at least the equipment would work, right?

Hard part might be having a doc prescribe an AI and clomid…how hard is that? I might have to secure that myself, I guess. Not sure where to get hcg or if he’d prescribe it if he wouldn’t prescribe clomid.

He’s supposed to be a younger guy so maybe he’s familiar with TRT more than an older endo.

Not sure where or how people inject…do doctors let patients self inject? Is it IM? That can be kind of painful, no?

I’ve been on SSRI for maybe 15 years, a long time. Recently (2 months) I decided to get off them and am down to half dosage…but chronic low depression and ruminating are coming back. I think most of the depression is related to low T. If I can’t get this fixed I’ll let nature take it’s course with regards to the depression.

Here’s another question: Does T supplementation cause increased body hair? I have too much already, just curious.

I also contacted renewman.com or whatever…they will arrange a phone call, not sure what they can do for me other than refer me to one of their physicians who is probably 200 miles away. There was also something about a “formulating pharmacy” or something, not sure what that is.


There are other “legal” sources for AIs, and yes, you can use them to boost test levels, especially if your E2 levels are high.


Clomid is a SERM and should NOT be taken long term. There is no need to re-invent the wheel in this case. T+AI+HCG is what you will need long term. Injections are not painful if done in the generally accepted locations. It is a little nerve racking at first but is like second nature after a while.


When you read a study about clomid increasing T, that may be showing cause and effect and not be a recommended medical treatment. Research is a guide to understanding and a lot of research should not be understood to be medical.

Read the ‘Protocol for Injections’ sticky.

Read this book:


Well, my take from that study was that Clomid alone could increase T, then if that is the goal, why wouldn’t that alone work?

It’s possible that taking clomid long term isn’t the answer, but theoretically I don’t know why it wouldn’t work, if it does in face raise testosterone.

There was another post on here by the great Bill Roberts which stated something like “it’s better to avoid shutdown issues if possible” (paraphrasing)…so I gathered from that that if you could take a SERM or AI and raise T, then that might be a strategy for some people.

My thinking is that if you are ever shut down at the HP portion of the HPTA (ie test with hcg) then that may indicate that you’re on test for the rest of your life as you may not be able to start your hypothalmus again. So I’d want to avoid that if possible.