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Clomid-Only After Nebido Treatments

I’m a 31 year old guy with secondary hypogonadism, I was treated with Nebido a little less than a year, one injection every 70 days (about 6-7 injections in total). The last injection of Nebido I received was 90 days ago.

I stopped using the nebido because my testosterone levels dropped quickly and the doctor has put me back on clomid this week. Before Nebido I was treated with clomid and my testosterone levels were good I will note.

The doctor gave me a prescription of 25 mg of clomid every 2 days and I should repeat my testosterone test in 8 weeks. And then the plan is to be on clomid monotheraphy.

Sorry for the extensive detail, my questions are as follows:

  1. Is this low dose enough to rehabilitate me after about a year under external testosterone?
  2. I read that it takes Nebido about 4 halves of life to be out of the system. Will Clomid even help me now?
  3. How soon should I feel the effect of clomid?

I mean, that’s not actually what happened. Your levels dropped exactly as designed. Instead of Nebido you could do any number of better, non-dumbass types of treatments. (Your doctor is the dumbass, not you, just ftr)

You need five half-lives to clear before starting pct theoretically, but if you start a very long course of treatment a few weeks early it’s not going to hurt you.

As to question one, the answer is ‘it depends’. Are you going to come off the clomid at some point? Or is this monotherapy for life as a substitute for trt? Because the answer to that is important.

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You’re describing what you would expect from Nebido dosed in that way. None of that should be surprising to you because of course your doctor would have explained in detail how that drug works and what you should be experiencing. (Your doctor didn’t explain any of it, did he/she?)

Nebido isn’t magic. I mean, it’s magical in that they took an existing drug and somehow found a way to raise the price by 10,000%, but otherwise it’s just a long ester of testosterone and it still needs to be dosed properly. You were not given the dose in a way that actually makes sense, so you ended up with lousy numbers. It’s 100% predicable and also entirely preventable.

How were you feeling in the first two weeks after your shot?

I started TRT with clomid, long, long time ago…
If I recall correctly, a dose of 12.5 mg ED put me at 6.5 - 8.0 ng/ml. (Don’t quote me on this, it was years ago…) I didn’t feel better or worse, actually.

I only stuck with it for a month or two before asking for nebido. But then again, in hindsight nebido didn’t really make me feel amazeballs either, so I guess I just lost out on all that OMFGTRT feeling everyone else had… LOL

The next person to tell me how great Nebido was will be the first person who who enjoyed Nebido. It’s such a dumb, dumb protocol but it gets pushed a lot because money.

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Your doctor should have increased the dosage. Your doctor is really making things more difficult for you and I wonder how some of these doctors are able to get a medical degree with this level of competence.

Did some google research, one study found that it could take up to 42 weeks (!!!) For Nebido to be cleared from the body.

What does it mean for a guy that was only 6 shots in?


It doesn’t need to be 100% clear in order to start a SERM therapy. But yeah, it lingers for a long time.

Here’s what it looks like over 30 weeks with two injections eight weeks apart. Look at it and then tell me that this is a good protocol.

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The Nebido protocol isn’t good at al, that’s what I felt as well.
I hope the Clomid will start to take effect soon.

To clarify, for me Nebido got me up to good levels on paper, and I liked the fact that I didn’t have to worry about frequent shots…

But then again, my doctor was open to adjusting the protocol to fit the result. I was on a shot every 9 or 10 weeks if I remember correctly.

Seemed like it coulda been ok if I didn’t mind going poor while on TRT.