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clomid on proscar

Hey guys,

I’m planning on using proscar (1/4 a pill/daily) and I was thinking of using “m” or clomid. However, if I choose clomid, how many mg would you suggest? Would 25mg of clomid be effective in comparison to 1 serving of “m”? Thanks guys.

I don’t suppose you’d care to tell us what you’re trying to do with the Clomid? Are you post-cycle, during cycle, or just trying to get pregnant???


I’m not trying to get pregnant. It is to my understanding that a common side effect of finasteride is lost of libido. I was reading some threads from the search engine and some “propecia” users experience lost of strength, size, ect. I wanted to know if clomid use is suggested or if anyone has any other suggestions. BTW, I’m not using any form of steroids.

Look, Propecia is a 5-Alpha reductase inhibitor. What that means is in prevents some of your testosterone from converting to DHT - a potent androgen. Taking Clomid (an estrogen blocker/Test booster) in all liklihood is not going to make you feel better because it is not going to restore your hormonal balance.

Most people here feel like they have PMS while on Clomid, so I’m pretty sure it’s not going to make you feel better. I would be much more inclined to take RedKat or Tribex and see what that does - as those boost your Test levels without blocking estrogen (which makes you feel PMS-y).

Might also want to check hairloss boards for advice.

Thanks for your help warhorse.