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Ok, I’ve planned my cycle, it will contain d-bol’s at the higest week, 5 tabs per day, at the highest week, 2 shots of sus250, and one shot of test cyp, (100mg) per week or slightly more frequently…I just want to know, if i should use clomid and then tribex after, or nolvadex now and tribex after…also wil the clomid be enough of an anti estorgen? ive never gotten gyno at all before, but ive never taken roids, i HAVE taken some of the older andros lke EAS (useless) Andro 6 and so forth…no gyno from these what so ever taking them 2 weeks on one off for almost one year…so im not prone to gyno…i think…but my q is- is clomid enough for antiestro, cause if it is, then i can avoid nut shrinkage…if not i gotta take nolvadex and then tibex…and maybe hcg? thanks