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Clomid/Nolvadex Without Use of Steroid/PH?

Ok first off i am sorry if this is the wrong section or maybe a dumb question. I have been researching prohormones, PCTs etc for about a year now. Mainly the best way to run a cycle and what to use while on one and then the est PCT to run after and how to do it.

I feel as if i have naturally low levels of test to begin with. Which is why i have researched into “testosterone enhancements” if you will. Maybe my diet is lacking bit i find it hard to gain muscle and what i do gain is hard to keep on. (i have yet to use a prohormone btw)

Basically my question is this:

In my research i have found that using nolvadex and clomid (Clomid specifically), can raise natural test levels too about roughly 200% baseline. My question is can i use this on its own without a cycle to help raise my testestorone? My trouble is this: if that were the case then a prohormone wouldnt be needed am i correct?

Once again im sorry if this appears to you guys as a stupid question. And if it is please tell me. I know i have much more research and lifting to do before i should even attempt a cycle. Im just looking to further my knowledge so that i can safely and effectively have a boost in gains. Thank you for all input guys :slight_smile:

Have you had blood work to confirm low test?

first off, i’d echo getting blood work done…

secondly, it would appear that clomiphene/tamoxifen can work for some men as HRT

however, SERM’s aren’t without side effects, and HRT with SERMs is apparently less effective for most men than test…

but if one was on the low end of normal and still relatively young, i think trying a SERM is worthwhile.

Pretty sure you can do it, or you could try HCG instead. Id peruse the TRT forum

Nah I have not had a blood test, but I’m going to set up an appointment soon to get my levels. With that being said thank you for the input, i thought that would work in theory but thank you for confirming it to a degree, and , I will definitely check out TRT as you have suggested and gather more information. I have been meaning to get the blood work for awhile but somehow either due to schedule or pure laziness or forgetfulness I dont. But i am planning to get more serious about nutrition, lifting ect so i know i will need that information. So once again i appreciate the input fuss. Thank you.