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Clomid/Nolvadex Made Me Feel Good, But Why?

So I did my first cycle of 500mg test e (split 250 2x a week) for 12 weeks. I didn’t feel good really. Still had no energy and no motivation (just like i did before starting) but did get much bigger and libido was up.
2 weeks after stopping I started PCT of Clomid 100mg and Nolvadex 40mg for 1 week and then dropped both by half for next 3 weeks.
I felt like a million bucks those few weeks and got more things done around the house in 2 weeks than in 2 years. Then I went back to shit slowly after I stopped. I’m trying to figure out what is going on and I am not getting any good info from my new trt doc ( 2 weeks on trt 200mg week) or other forums. Nobody seems to have a clue so thought I would try here.
Thanks for any info or experiences you have had.

Big question … were you taking Arimidex or aromasin during your cycle?

Did you just start TRT after this cycle? Why did you PCT if you’re going toTRT?

I took some Arimidex for about 2 weeks because of some high e2 symptoms. I was not going to do trt until I experienced that feeling on PCT which is exactly what I thought (from what I read) being on cycle would have been like. I’m trying to get back to that sweet spot. I’m doing trt with a doc as an experiment that I was hoping he could help with to get back there.
I’m hoping I’ll be able to hit that sweet spot on trt. Test was also low at 350 5 months after that cycle.

I didn’t feel great my first cycle due to AI, second cycle for me was night and day difference. Not sure how much you took , or exactly how long, or at what point into your cycle, but potentially could be it.

What were your pre cycle lab numbers for TT FT SHBG

You are not waiting long enough to start your PCT and you’re going overkill with the SERMs/doses IMO. You have to wait for the test E to mostly clear which doesn’t happen for at least (4) half lives. There has been debate on the half life time recently but its been quoted at the low of 5 days to as high as 8.

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TT before was at 600 but I was taking some natural DIM stuff. Did not get FT or SHBG.
I am wondering if I hit the sweet spot as the test left. Thats why im doing trt.

You suggest 32 days before starting PCT? 4 half lives?

I think that’s a little long as your are assuming the 8 day half life but I would wait minimum of 21 days.

I’m confused about the timeline. You have been off cycle for 5 months, then pct, now trt? Can you lay out the time line?

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And you used this 21 day protocol with success before your trt days? Absolutely no hormonal or ancillary drugs for 21 day?

5 months since I stopped my cycle. I did pct 2 weeks after I stopped my cycle for 4 weeks.
Just started trt 2 weeks ago

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You work through 4 half lives to get to 6.25% of the remaining drug in your system. I’ve read some studies posted in the TRT forum that show test c/e has a half life of 5 days ish not the typical 7 quoted. So after 20 days you really don’t have much in your system. At two weeks you would still have almost 15% of the drug in their possibly negating the effect of your PCT. So I feel supportive of waiting at least and extra week over the standard bro jargon or wait two weeks. For me… I’m on TRT so no personal experience to state either way.

Expect TRT to take about 2-3 months of being on the same protocol before you actually start to experience feeling better. You’ll likely not feel ideal until then so don’t base anything off those first 8 weeks as your body acclimates to injecting hormones. I’m guessing you read in the T-replacement section as well but figured I’d give you some expectations.

What “symptoms” prompted you to start the AI?
Taking a stab here, you killed your E2 on cycle, so you felt like crap, or you react badly to the AI itself. Seeing as the massive overkill of SERMS made your feel great, my guess is that the higher E2 from the SERMS agrees with you.

Thank God for someone who understands half lives. I would personally go for the longer half life of 8 days and wait for 4 half lives. There’s nothing wrong with starting PCT slightly later, there’s absolutely an issue with starting it too early.


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On this topic. If you test taper down before PCT would you still wait 21 days+ before PCT start? Or how would that work?

So i personally would run an oral past my last injection. If it was enanthate, i would start my oral on the last week and run it for 3 weeks or more past my last injection then drop it and start PCT next day. That would be the best way to make use of all of your time “on”.