Clomid/Nolva Plan

I have 30 20mg nolva tabs and a little clomid left. I’ve never used nolva before (40/20/20/20 is the norm right? Wouldn’t have enough for that), but my usual clomid dosage is 100/50/50/35.

Don’t have enough for that though, so I was thinking about doing 100mg clomid for the first 4 days then following with 20mg/day of nolva for the remainder. This sounds OK to me, but I wanted to get some more opinions on it. Sound OK to you guys?

So is it that you have 400 mg of Clomid?

In that case I would look at it this way:

Planned period of use: 4 weeks (another figure could be used)

Total dosage if Nolvadex alone: about 680 mg
Total dosage if Clomid alone: about 1700 mg

So roughly speaking the amount of Clomid needed is 1/4 of what would be used if using only Clomid. Nolvadex can then be dosed at 3/4 what it usually would be.

I would take 20 mg Nolvadex four times on day 1, and also take Clomid 50 mg once, and 25 mg once for a total of 75 mg Clomid on Day 1.

Thereafter I would take 15 mg Nolvadex per day, and 25 mg Clomid every other day.

Other methods could be followed of course but that is what I would do.