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Clomid/Nolva Effect on LH/FSH While on TRT?

Long time lurker first time poster, hoping someone more experienced might be able answer a few questions that I can’t seem to find answers for

Been on TRT for around 6 months - 100mg Test E, 1mg Adex and 330iu HCG EOD

Testicles still seem to have shrunken and sit firmly up in sac. Fertility is a key concern for me.

  • I’m interested in trying a SERM (Clomid or Nolva) in place of HCG. The goal here being to raise to LH / FSH but my concern is that the negative feedback loop will be too strong for a SERM to effectively raise these levels. In my experience these are only used when exogenous testosterone is no longer present.

Is there any data or anecdotal evidence of a SERM raising LH and FSH while one remains on TRT?

Also can Adex be continued when a SERM is being used as I’ve read somewhere that these are far less effective when used at the same time

Apologies if these questions have been answered somewhere, please point me in that direction

Thanks in advance

Do you have any testicular pain? If not I would not change a thing. HCG only replaces LH not FSH so some shrunkage will happen.
Do a sperm count if you have concerns. I would not look at LH or FSH since TRT is going to shut your natural production down. I would not add Clomid or Nolva on TRT to remain fertile. Do a sperm count test and if low get off TRT do a PCT with Clomid and Nolva to make sure you can come back online naturally. Then go back on TRT when you feel comfortable. No one dies from low T and you can still be very fertile with low T.

Thanks Hrdlvn, no pain that I’ve noticed.

I’ve got a semen test booked so can update if anyone is interested. Really want to avoid going off if I can as sex drive goes in the gutter, but will if last resort.

I had read KSMan mention in a few posts that SERMs could be substituted for HCG as will stimulate the Pituitary (instead of bypassing with HCG) , but I’ve also read elsewhere the negative feedback loop would be too strong for this to have effect hence why only used in PCT

I’m in New Zealand so the doctors have absolutely no idea, I would say we are over 20 years behind the states when it comes to trt. Pretty frustrating.

As long as you can get the drugs I believe you can make this(TRT and babies if desired) happen. All the latest info is out there. Thank goodness the guys in your shoes with the good doctors share their protocols. You just have to watch out for the fake guys playing doc with no real experience.
Best of luck to you.