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Clomid/Nolva Detection Times?


Does anybody know the detection times for clomid and or nolvadex?...i assume they are short from what a heard also because of their low half life but i can't find it anywhere.


Pretty sure that it take 5 half lifes for something to completely "clear". So if you know the half life just calculate out 5 half lives.

Correct me if I am wrong someone.


Well I do know that nandrolone metabolites have been detected over 12 months after administration. So your theory has at least one exception. The drug itself may be cleared from the system but it may still be detectable I think. I bet Bill may know something about this stuff.

I really don't have any facts about detection times of actual substances or their metabolites though. So I have no answer for the OP's question.


True, generally speaking there can be differences b/w half-life decay and detectability curves for compounds, based on how something is compartmentalized by the body and the nature of the released metabolites.

AFAIK though, Cron is pretty close to the mark here. I've fooled around with the numbers before and IIR, 6 weeks seemed like an absolute worst-case scenario, at least for nolva. First order kinetics with basic excretion & the test is very straightforward...