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Clomid Necessary/Useful?

I’m about to commence my 2nd 2week cycle after a 4 week layoff. I posted my last cycle previously, but basically: 750mg/day1 Sust, 50mg/day(150mg/day1) of Winstrol (which was discontinued day 5 due to suspicion of fake substance), 50mg/day D-bol until day 12 - afterwards 10mg/morning+10mg/noon until day 24. Gain: 15 lbs. retained with lower bf%. NO CLOMID!

My question is this: My second cycle will be identical to the first (with different Winstrol - hopefully real stuff…). Is it all that necessary to add in Clomid this time? I have access to 50mg x 12 of Clomid, and was thinking of commencing Clomid use day 12 (4 pills), and going 50mg/day for the next 8 days. What do you advice me to do?