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Clomid Monotherapy

I talked to my doctor the other day, and he suggested clomid monotherapy, as my condition is secondary. I’ve been on HRT for almost six years now, so I’m almost certainly completely shut down and would be on clomid likely for life, as opposed to it being a restart attempt.

I can’t find too much information on the subject, but there’s some information out there about clomid being an estrogen agonist in the brain? So while there is generally an increase in T output, the side effects typically outweigh the benefits of the T and cause you to still feel like garbage.

Has anyone had success with long term clomid / nolva as an alternative for T replacement? I haven’t really read any success stories. Thinking about just sticking with my current protocol and hoping for the best.

Searching around the net you will find quite a few people attempting monotherapy with Clomid.

I’ve observed people reporting good results dosing 12mg ED or 25mg EOD. There seems to be a consensus that you should follow such a protocol for at least 3 months prior to seeing if your body can function ‘with the training wheels off’. You’re right thought, some people will need to continue the treatment for life. You’re also right about Clomid causing estrogenic sides for a minority of users… this usually manifests as depression or libido issues, however I believe this is far more likely to occur at high doses (100mg / day, as some do for steroid PCT), which is quite a difference from the 12mg ED I listed above.

Just from researching, I see Dr. John Crisler’s name come up quite a bit on this topic. You may want to check out his site and investigate for yourself: http://www.allthingsmale.com/index.html

This is not an endorsement, and I have no affiliation, just sharing some information I have seen come up repeatedly on this topic (on various forums).

Hmm, interesting point about the estrogenic side effects. Maybe it’s worth a shot? I’d consider using it long term if I feel ok on it. I’ve been waiting to feel ok for almost 8 years now lol, I’ll do anything. Any other side effects from it? I’m unfamiliar on the topic.

And while I’m on the topic, are there other hormone levels I should be testing? SHBG? Thyroid? IGF-1?


I think it is worth looking into. I’m actually considering it myself. Most of the side effects I have read about occur at high doses, so the low doses I mentioned should be relatively safe. If you are doing it through doctor I think it is worth trying, since you will be being professionally monitored. Here are some of the blood tests people on these forums usually like to see when giving advice:

fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

I am doing clomid + AI and seem to be doing well. Only been on it for 5 weeks, but so far so good. I doubt that I can go off of it, but I’m managing E2 with AI and that seems to be working.

I’m starting to suspect that the “estrogenic side effects” are actually from E2 and not from the clomid itself.

Here’s my thread.

Only some guys get negative problems with clomid.

Dose should not be high as high LH creates bad problems.
10mg ED or EOD may be sufficient.

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