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Clomid issues & Propecia and Winstrol interactions.

This is a two part question. I want to know if anyone has heard weather or not when you are taking clomid postcycle…if the Clomiphene in your body can make a woman ovulate and be more prone to pregnancy if you have regular sex.

Also, has anyone heard of negative interactions between Propecia and Winstrol? I am finishing up a light Test/Tren cycle, and going to come off with Winny and some clen. I am taking 1 mg Proscar a day. (good results with proscar)

Any help is apreciated.

going one winny is not “coming Off”. You will still be supressing yourself. If you want to have a little gear try cy’s protocol, or 25mg dbol every morning.

first question: NO!- just don’t give her any!
second queston: No! no drug interactions whatsoever found in my drug guide for proscar

Well, I was going to do 50mg Winny ED for 3 weeks, 1 wekk off and then another 3 weeks on. I just called it comming ‘off’ as I am using winstrol as my last drug in my cycle for finishing touches…I will do 5 weeks of clomid as soon as I take my last winny tab.

As for clomid…I just wanted to know if Clomid in my system would make my girl ovulate…

Thanks again.