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Clomid Induced Delayed Gyno?

Hey guys,

So about 9 months ago I took a cycle of superdrol (4 weeks) and my pct was nolva (40/20/20/10) clomid(75,50,50,30). After I finished the nolva/clomid I took some DAA (3 grams ed), erase(2-3 caps a day), and perform by AI sports (libido enhancer).

Well 4 months after finishing all of that I got my blood drawn because I just started to get a lump under my nipple and it hurt like hell. So i went to go get my blood taken. The only values I got taken were total test, free test, LH, FSH, and estrodial. total test was pretty low (410), estrodial was pretty normal surprisngly ( in the 20s) and free test was in the low range ( cant remember the exact numbers), LH anf FSH were both below normal ranges.

So i jumped on clomid again thinking I just needed a longer time for my pituitary to start producing LH again. Well I went on it for a good 2 months at 15-30 mgs a day and slowly tapered off. So i have been off of the clomid for roughly 2 months now and I have felt fine as far as energy levels and lifting goes. Also my boys are still normal sized. But my libido/erections haven’t returned, and I just started feeling my left nipple start to hurt again.

There is a small lump under it but it’s not as bad as last time yet. I’m just sick of all of this. I just want to be back to normal. I’ve seen 3 endocrinologists and they were all useless. Here are my theory of what may be going on…

Clomid blocks the estrogen receptor which causes the pituitary to produce more test. So when clomid use is ceased, you are still left with circulating estrogen(which is high on clomid). so after I got off, my body started to produce a bunch of estrogen which inhibits the HPTA and screws me over. This could also cause prolactin issues. So maybe high estrogen combined with high prolactin causing a negative feedback loop?

I’m going to get more blood taken within the next couple of days as well. So what do yall think about clomid causing delayed Gyno? If it’s not the Clomid what could it be?