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Clomid in Place of HCG - AIs Cause Autoimmunity

I’m unable to take hCG due to a rare autoimmune reaction to anastrozole, and likely any AI. See this article for background. My hypogonadism is secondary, Clomid worked well for me but caused depression. I’m currently taking 12 mg t. enanthate daily; when on 14 mg my T was 1047.

Is there any chance I could combine a low dose of Clomid with TRT in order to prevent testicular atrophy? I would assume this isn’t done very often because people with a good response to Clomid don’t bother with TRT. I was only able to find one report of someone using this combo.

You could do that, but it would be better to do it by itself as occasional PCT. And, uh, hCG is not an AI, so what does that have to do with autoimmune disease and AI’s?

I was taking anastrozole to reduce high E2 from the hCG. I was hoping to avoid higher doses of Clomid due to the depression it causes.