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Clomid In a Bottle?


I need clomid for PCT. It was offered to me in a bottle. I thought it only came in bubble packs?

Has anyone had it in a bottle before?


Yeah bro all sorts of things come in a bottle. Like jeenies, anal lubrication, and YES even clomid! Dickheaded answers aside, if you're talking about liquid clomid yeah it could be legit. If you're talking about clomid cap/tabs in a bottle, it could also be legit. What's the brand?


Anyone know if Clomid by Sepafar Greese is legit?


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A lot of ug manufacturers cap their clomid and offer it in a bottle...Another method of preparation is to suspend the clomiphene citrate in a liquid, which usually will come prepared in a tincture or vial...both are equally effective as long as clomiphene citrate is the main ingredient.





They bottle a lot of stuff today. I have used nolva and clomid in liquid form. Worked so far.

Good luck.