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Clomid (High TT, Low FT, and High Estradiol) - OTC Options for Estrogen Control?

Taking 25mg of Clomid EOD for low-t, and it’s working, TT usually jumps from 400 to 1100/1200, but free test tends to stay low, as well as higher estradiol levels. What can I take to combat this imbalance, or rather, keep E levels at the appropriate levels? I don’t want to lower my E too much, but don’t want it too high, and I’d like to boost free test while on Clomid. I just don’t like the idea of taking Arimdex or something to combat high E levels. It’s really hard finding good Clomid protocols/stacks online for low-t. I realize most take it as a PCT, but that’s not my situation. Plus it’s not an FDA approved drug for use in men here in the US, so little research has been done. Guessing big pharma makes more on the TRT gels/pellets, so they don’t consider Clomid? I don’t know…

Currently taking I3C, Calcium D-Glucarate, and DS Triazole x2 a day, but getting mild headaches from either the D-Glucarate or Triazole. Just looking for a good protocol, because the Clomid therapy is really my only option right now (wanting more kids).

Getting labs done again in 8 weeks. Just want to make sure I’m not tossing money down the drain with DS Triazole stuff.

I know clomid increases your SHBG, which means lower free test. I also think you get false readings for e2 if you are on clomid don’t quote me. I have had results using DIM for estrogen symptom control. I also messed around with arimistane, its a legal suicidal AI.

I guess I could just drop the DS Triazole, probably junk anyways, and just take I3C (similar to DIM), as well as Calcium D-Glucarate - see if that helps. Yeah, wish there was a way to lower SHBG, or is that the purpose of Clomid?

Here’s sort of a summary of my situation, not to repost, but wanted a separate thread on combating E levels:

First Test (08/30/2017):
(Note: Stopped taking Clomid 2 weeks before this test)

Testosterone, Total, LC/MS 1266.3 ng/dl (Range 264.0 - 916.0)
Free Testosterone (Direct) 16.5 pg/mL (Range 8.7 - 25.1)
Estradiol, Sensitive 45.0 pg/mL (Range 8.0 - 35.0)

Second Test (09/30/2017):
(Note: No longer on Clomid)

Testosterone, Total, LC/MS 651 ng/dl (Range 300.0 - 1080.0)
Free Testosterone (Calc) 7.1 ng/dl (Range 4.8 - 25.7)
Estradiol, Sensitive 17.5 pg/mL
Sex Horm Bind Globulin 84.7 nmol/l (Range 16.5 - 55.9)

Found this…

"Pygeum (prunus africana) is another herb, known to block the testosterone-binding effects of SHBG. Nettle root and pygeum extracts also benefit the prostate gland as a preventive treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) both by blocking the 5-alpha reductase action.

** Avena Sativa is an extract from the straw of oats. It has somewhat different properties. It works by freeing bound testosterone, which increases the free testosterone in circulation…"

I think the problem with Clomid is that it mimics estrogen. Increased estrogen increases SHBG. Most everything that I have used to decrease my SHBG did nothing. Boron, Stinging Nettle, And a few different free test boosters. The only thing that I have ever used that did lower it was Aromasin.

your SHBG is way high bro, do you take any other meds? Do you still take clomid or did you stop?

Glad to know that stuff doesn’t work. I stopped taking Clomid ED, and switched to EOD, because I think my dosage was too high. I don’t take anything else, no other meds. I just don’t know of an alternative at this point, because I want to preserve fertility, but don’t want my test in the tank. Is Aromasin safe to take long-term with Clomid?

Just curious, what do you do now, if not taking Clomid? I’m 35yo by the way, wife is pregnant, and we’re wanting more kids, so TRT isn’t really an option, yet.

Im on TRT now. Never used HCG, so I have testicular atrophy. I have one child, and were thinking of having one in the future. I would have to do a HCG and then SERM more than likely to get my ball size back and then working though. Why don’t you just use TRT AND hcg or a SERM? There is info in the stickees I believe. Get your TRT and keep fertility too.