Clomid & HCG Together for Male Fertility?

G’Day all,

Hoping to hear some suggestions/advice on some fertility topics

For context I am “natty” , have never taken T or anything in the past. Recently diagnosed with low testosterone and low sperm count. Have conceived with my wife one daughter naturally 2 years ago. Looking to start trying for our second and wanting to try and boost my sperm count to get things rolling. Once we are done with having kids will be jumping across to TRT but for now will be focusing purely on fertility.

Are there any benefits to taking HCG and Clomid together to raise testosterone, LH/FSH and in turn hopefully sperm count. Or should I only start with one?

I have ordered HCG and have 2 vials at home ready to go, but I haven’t started it yet. I haven’t started yet as I have a follow up appt with an endocrinologist in 2 weeks who has been helping me get my dosage right with hypothyroidism, and he mentioned at this appt coming up he would look to get me started and prescribe me Clomid. He opted for clomid over HCG however I understand they act differently. Eg HCG is a direct replacement for LH into the body which should stimulate the testicles to produce more test as long as my hypogonadism is secondary and not primary. Clomid blocks the estrogen receptors and should try ramp up the natural pituitary to produce LH/FSH. Clomid also has a lot of side effects but if it gets the job done I’ll tough it out as best and long as possible.

Last 2 tests on LH/FSH have been

LH 4 and 6

FSH 6 and 8

So within middle reference range of (1-10), would I be right in thinking these aren’t “elevated” levels?
Really hoping it’s secondary/mixed hypogonadism so I can least increase my levels a bit while trying to conceive before changing over to TRT. I believe one of the ways to determine primary or secondary is to get a base line , start clomid for ~ 6 weeks and then retest and if LH/FSH has increased AND testostone has increased it means secondary ?

Sperm tests have ranged from counts from 2 million up to 5 million which has been my highest. Morphology and motility have always been within range , just the count that has been low

Appreciate any guidance you legends may have for me ! If you need any more info to help me out please let me know


You would.

That’s one way to determine if the clomid is working.

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They are not used together.

Your options are:

  1. clomid
  2. HCG monotherapy (high-dose HCG by itself
  3. TRT with moderate HCG dose

I have used TRT and HCG for years and have two kids.

Just for fertility, I’d start with Clomid only. May be enough. If not, at least it’s not shutting you down. If needed add in the HCG

Thanks everyone
Looks like I’ll suck it up and run Clomid solo to start things off and see how we go!

DNA tested?

I sure hope you didn’t join two hours ago to make the comment I think you did.

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