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Clomid/HCG to Fix Hypogonadism. Low Free T, High SHBG and High Prolactin

Do you have any symptoms of high E? If not, leave it alone. If so, may want to reduce your T dose.

E does a lot of good things in men despite its reputation. AI’s tend to be pretty bad for you. There are a lot of videos on this recently

Just curious why you haven’t tried Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) in place of Clomid? Clomid has been shown to increase SHBG, so there’s that. Also, why not just switch to TRT and use the HCG to make the kid? No reason you cannot be fertile while also on TRT.

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Clomid is great at stimulating TT but it just doesn’t alleviate symptoms. This may be because unlike Tamox it can act like an anti-estrogen and a estrogen, specifically at the pituitary. So men complain of feeling blah, and no sex drive.

I do not consider clomid to be an effective long term solution to hypogonadism. IMO it should only be used for restarts, and even then the use is becoming quite questionable.

Tamox doesn’t have the sides cause it can only work as an anti-E in tissue, but it is not as good at increasing sperm count either.

HCG is the best hormone for men since testosterone, you can take TRT and HCG and remain fertile, this is well documented.

Hope this helps.


I am having great success with clomid. TT doubled while free T almost tripled. I am using it for a little over two months now.

I think there is a lot of psychology involved. It is holding the T in your hand, putting it in a syringe and then shooting it in your body versus taking a pill or half a pill which then disappears and you don’t really know what’s going on.

I am also convinced that libido issues are far more complex than T and E2. Again, psychology plays a big role.

I am happy with clomid so far but I am not ruling out that I will switch to injections one day if the effect disappears.

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FWIW, we have our second child coming in 4 months, so that is no longer an issue. I still am using HCG, and all my levels look good. My doc says there’s no reason to switch to TRT since the HCG is working fine. I’m not sure I’ll switch to TRT at any point, but I get my bloodwork taken every 3 months and it has all looked good.