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Clomid + HCG + Arimidex

spent 2 years trying to get treatment from my gp and then a urologist. Finally went to an anti-aging/ Bio-identical replacement clinic and they are a breath of fresh air. (can see my previous posts)

They are recommending I start with a combo of clomid, HCG and arimidex for my T before getting on TRT (I am 28, have low LH FSH as well). They say the had great success with it.

Has anyone tried a combination of these 3?

As stated in the stickies:

  • do not stack hCG+SERM
  • do not do high doses of either

If SERM works you will get more than enough LH receptor stimulation and adding hCG is too much. Many doctors are not aware of this issue.

There is a sticky “HPTA restart” that you should read.