Clomid + HCG + AI

Hi first time poster here. I’ve been hypogonadal since puberty (gyno, bad body comp, anxiety, lack of libido, ED, etc) but finally got blood work done

and I’m starting to combat this issue. Currently 25. Since moving and switching doctors (used to be on test e 100mg 1x week from september-november) I’ve been on clomid 50mg every day + HCG 3x week since late november and I’m not seeing the benefits. Had my doctor test e2 about a month ago and it came back super high so she started me on DIM every day + 1mg anastrazole 1x week. The first dose of anastrazole felt amazing and my libido and mood were the best they’ve been since I can remember. However, after time I started feeling a lot of estrogenic symptoms and my libido completely tanked. She told me to bump up the anastrazole and I am currently taking 1mg 3x week and I don’t even notice the difference. Am I/my doctor completely botching this? I’ve read a lot of conflicting information regarding clomid/hcg/DIM. I’m just curious as to why I felt so great after initially starting the anastrazole. (Side note, the week before I started the anastrazole I couldn’t take the hcg because I was across the country for work, could stopping the hcg be a contributing factor?) Sorry for the long post and tanks in advance for all the help. Getting more labs done monday but this is the one I had right before I started the anastrazole(see screenshot). E2 was tested separately and I can’t remember the number but it was really high.

The E2is not high for that Total Test. Your LH and FSH would have been useful numbers. HCG and Clomid at the same time really doesn’t make much sense. You are taking too much anastrozole for sure, which would be causing the proble. 1/4 tab a week would possibly be overkill.

You’ve been given a shit protocol. Almost no one ever feels good on Clomid, it’s only used first for legal reasons in most cases (at your expense). 2nd - too many variables. Do one at a time. 3rd - ditch the AI, it’s terrible for you and estrogen naturally binds to testosterone. Estrogen is healthy if you have enough testosterone. 4th: Get a doctor with who doesn’t have an average testosterone level of 15-70 ng/dL to administer testosterone replacement therapy. (Dare I say more?)

AIs are like a bandaid as they help control the fluctuations, but they negatively impact you long-term. Let the testosterone sync up naturally with your body (6-8 weeks minimum) and you’ll be much better off. I recommend getting on a real T ester like Cypionate, then try 150mg split twice a week for 2 months. After this reassess based on how you feel and by your Free-Testosterone. If below 30 pg/mL then I’d try 200mg. If feeling fluctuations increase injections to the week (2x to 3x, to every other day, to every day injections). You’ll be good to go with just one compound.

Also, post your labwork in plaintext. It’s hard to see anything as the image looks blurry.

It would appear your doc isn’t up to date on the dangers of AI’s, here is one that is up to date.

A lot of docs don’t experiment enough with optimal clomid dosing for their clients and stick to the prescribing guidelines which in this case can more than likely lead failed clomid therapy.

There are successful stories of men micro dosing clomid and staying on it indefinitely, you just have to know how to prescribe it.

Labs are unreadable.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but AI’s can’t affect/lower estrogen produced inside the testicles which is what HCG does, AI’s can only block estrogen via aromatization. You’re at a dead end road, it’s time for TRT.

There are countless threads detailing the lack of benefits on clomid and few men feel good on HCG and even more men hate how they feel on anastrozole. It’s the worst drug you could ever put in your body because it’s harmful to your cardiovascular system and bone health.

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This protocol is a total crap and detrimental for your health