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Clomid for Three Months, Advice Needed

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I am 24 years old and suffering with all of the symptoms of low testosterone. My endo has offered me the choice of TRT in the form of Testo Gel or Tostran, or else Clomid 50mg every other day. My understanding is that 50mg every other day is too high a dose, and will likely not lead to symptom improvement owing to increases in oestrogen (which is already high) and SHBG (which again is very high)

In terms of dose, would you say 25mg (half of 50mg tablet) every other day is a good dose? Whilst on Clomid, what dose were you on, did you take an AI alongside it to counteract high oestrogen, and did you see a real improvement in libido, erection strength and quality and overall mood?

Given my age and the fact that TRT is for life, I am eager to explore other options for addressing my symptoms, and am keen to give Clomid a go. Would welcome your thoughts and your guidance.

What did you do? You used clomid and did it work for T levels and symptoms? @jb93