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Clomid for HRT?

Hi guys. I didn’t know where to put this but was hoping you guys can help me out. Initially, my urologist was going to put me on test shots for hrt due to my total test levels being 230 ng/dL but he changed his mind at the last moment. Instead, he opted for clomid therapy (50mg - twice a week). He said he was worried about future fertility issues with me since I was so young (32 y.o.).

I am a bit disappointed , but I would like to get my levels up again. What is everyone’s opinion on clomid therapy as a primary hrt? With such a low dosage will it help me out? Everywhere I’ve read, clomid should not be taken for an extended amount a time. I’m worried about the long term effects of this as well.


You need to inject T and 250iu hCG EOD. The hCG will protect your testes.

Clomid can have really bad side effects as it acts like an estrogen in some tissues.

You need to control E2 with Arimdex/anastrozole.

Find the “protocol for injections” sticky and read that.

Your doc does not know what he is doing.


I agree with you but he came back from a conference that proclaimed that this was better than test therapy. I’m just worried that if I respond to this therapy what happens when I come off it? This is just a patch correct?