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Clomid Fails to Work Over Time?

Hi guys.

I have been reading up on long-term clomid use, and have found a disturbing number of men for whom clomid did work, but after a time ranging from months to a few years, stopped working.

Does anyone have any insight on this process and how to possibly avoid it?

Perhaps low-dosing? Cycling on and off?

You have too many threads for anyone to have insight into your case.

If SERM dose is high, a common problem with bro-science and many doctors, LH receptor desensitization could result. Then is dose is increased, it gets worse.

SERMs are not going to work with primary hypogonadism; however scrotum should be independent of that.

When on a SERM, LH/FSH labs can be very informative.

Thank you, that could certainly explain things.

BTW, this is only my second thread. I’ll clean up my original thread and pare it down.

I thought to make this a seperate thread because it’s more of a theoretical question about the experience of others than something that specifically applies to my case.

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate the time you put in to help people.