Clomid Experience for Low T

Hey guys new to the forum obviously and i have read the stickys so i thought it would be time for my first post.

Here is the deal, been experiencing side effects of Low T for a while so i went to an endocrine doc for some help exactly a year ago. He put me on clomid (25mg every other day) after a year i dont really feel any better, my energy is still low and i have a weak feeling most of the time. My libido how ever is insane, i want to hump every chick i see!

Here is my stats and blood work result for 6 month mark and the one year mark on Clomid.

age - 30
height - 5’6
waist - 31"
weight - 145 lbs

describe body and facial hair - not fat but i have some chub on my mid section and full beard

describe where you carry fat and how changed - mid section used to have NO fat
health conditions, symptoms - low energy, low strength, low libido

Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs - Adderal

lab results with ranges :

[6 months on clomid]
3020 - Testosterone 788.5 ng/dL 250.0-800.0

3050 - Free Testosterone(calc) 149.0 pg/mL 35.0-155.0

[1 year on clomid]
3020 - Testosterone 270.1 ng/dL 250.0-800.0

3050 - Free Testosterone(calc) 53.3 pg/mL 35.0-155.0

So 6 months on clomid and my levels are high, then 1 year and they are at the low end WTF?!?!

describe diet - not healthy but not horrbile, 50/50 home cooked healthy meals and fast food unhealthy stuff

describe training - no training

testes ache, ever, with a fever? - been a while since i had a fever so i cant remember them hurting

how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed - fairly common morning wood now although some times in the morning it can be difficult to piss even though my bladder feels full to the brim. Almost feels like its being held back, like trying to drain a lake through a garden hose.

Anyone with knowledge on this please help, im thinking about just stopping the clomid all together since its dropping my testosterone now.

Bad batch of Clomid?

Did you feel any better at 6 months?

Do you have any other labs other than 6 months and a year?

After the first 6 month i had a huge boost in libido but not much else was notciable. Second six months libido is about the same.
No previous lab just those two. Thanks for your response!

do you have LH and FSH numbers ?

No LH or FSH numbers unfortunately.