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Clomid Expectations


Hi everyone,

First time posting, but not first to the site. I've been intermittently reading the stickies and threads the past few months. I'm being started on Clomid 50mg daily, 30 days, repeat bloodwork. Then waiting 30 days repeat blood work again and reassess the situation. I was wondering if anyone has had this protocol for TRT to "reboot" the system with the hope of levels going back to normal.

November kicked in the nuts at work. Was fine until two weeks later, dropped like a box of rocks on the floor in pain. 3rd doctor finally ordered labs in January, came back low (only drew Total), then checked again in February (only Total)- low again. Didn't want to do anything. 4th doc ordered everything (and prescribed).

Totals: 232, 264, 554 (jan/feb/feb)
(Everything else is feb)
Free 10.3
Fsh 4.2
Lh 5.8

S/s are basically feeling like crap. There was ED that faded at least, but the libido is in the toilet. Depressed, no energy, everything is overwhelming, lack (or total nonexistent) of enjoyment in things, insomnia, fatigue (caffeine intake has tripled), memory retention is shot, focus is gone (this post took a bit)

And I'm 28, 6 feet 3 inches, 202lb, amateur competitor strongman, no use of any steroids or hormone tx before.

Thanks guys!


Some feel like shit on Clomid. Nolvadex does not have that problem.

You can’t take a SERM then just stop, you will get estrogen rebound and shutdown. Search for posts here re HPTA restart.

Too much clomid. I expect that you will get very high E2 levels.

Check LH/FSH while on SERM. You do not want really high levels. If you get off SERM and LH/FSH take a huge drop, your testes will act accordingly.

You should be checking E2 to see if that is holding LH/FSH down.


Best restart I ever saw, a friend who did Deca for a year and had total T in the 200s, was Torem with a low dose AI. Torem is a great SERM that does not make you feel emo and it does not kill your libido. The AI is to stop some of the T from converting into estrogen, as you will already have a lot of estrogen in your system because Torem is blocking the receptor. I think he might have tried HCG here and there but I don’t know much about that.

Toremifene citrate, I’m probably spelling it wrong.
And good old Adex, but keep the dose low, adex is powerful stuff.


I did clomid .25 mg everyday for about about 2 months. it raised my testosterone from 200 to 1600 n/g. The thing is that i don’t feel any negative or positive symptoms. Just a some weight gain and more hungrier now.


I’ve been on 25mg a day for several weeks and no positive effects (from what I can tell). I’m going in for labs soon to see what my levels are. I will say this, I sweat like crazy on this stuff. Not sure what’s going on. Hope your experience is more positive than mine.


If your low T reading is from an acute injury to the testicles, your T levels should recover on their own over the course of the next few months as the testicle injury heals, regardless of Clomid.

I’m not sure why the doctor prescribed Clomid. Who knows if Clomid might interfere with the healing process - like, say, trying to suntan your skin while a cut is healing.