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Clomid ED Versus EOD


Can someone please explain the reason for taking Clomid ED versus EOD?


For me, the issue is one of compliance. I straight up wouldn’t remember to do it if I were on an EOD schedule. Because I do it every day, it just becomes part of my routine, no thinking required.

Some people can get away with a very small dose, eg 12.5mg 3x a week, and dividing pills smaller than quarters can be dicey.



I was wondering if 12.5 mg ED is the same as 25 mg EOD, as you seem to suggest, simply on account of the long half life of Clomid (several days).

Or, maybe it doesn’t work like that, and the EOD thing is on account of something like the mechanics of spiking the body’s estrogen, or some other aspect of metabolizing the drug?


Well, yes, I tend to lean towards having everything be more stable with ED dosing, but reasonable people can value convienence of EOD dosing, etc.

You can overthink all of this if you want to. :wink: