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Clomid During Test Cycle?

Could I take clomid during a test cycle to stop the shrinkage?

Use HCG instead. Clomid will not do nearly what HCG will do (in regards to nut size) while on cycle. It also has worse side effects.

Which HCG would you recommend? If it’s okay if I ask that in here.

And what doses are recommended for a 500 mg a week cycle of E.

We aren’t supposed to talk brands. Any HCG you buy should come in a powder, and then you add bact. water to it (sometimes the bact. water is included in a separate vial which is nice as you don’t need to procure bact. water). If it comes pre mixed it is likely garbage.

You can test any HCG you get with a dollar store pregnancy test. Put it on the tester, and if it tests positive you have HCG.

If it is me, I would just take the HCG during the 3 weeks between your last pin and your PCT. The stuff works pretty fast IME. I would just pin 500 iu EOD (this is IMO about the maximum effective dose). I am betting this gets you to full size in 3 weeks.

If you want to take during the cycle, you can, but it might make E2 harder to manage as HCG -> E2. If you do HCG on cycle use around 200 iu EOD, and then in the bridge between the last pin and the PCT up it to 500 iu. I think the first option would end up with the same results FWIW as HCG works pretty fast for plumping up the balls IME.

So what makes it garbage if it is premixed?

And if I take it during the cycle but also take a estrogen blocker will that work fine?

Also I’m still very new to this. Some of these acronyms or abbreviations I don’t understand like. Like ; iu, EOD, fwiw

HCG is very unstable once mixed. It needs to be stored in a refrigerator and not be shaken. If it is pre-mixed when you receive it, it is likely that almost all the HCG in the mixture will be ruined. IMO, someone sending you premixed HCG is probably a scammer.

You might be fine with it and without an AI (aromatase inhibitor, or "estrogen blocker’). Many will need the AI. It makes the cycle more complicated, and complicated isn’t great for beginners. Many beginners crash their E2 (estradiol or “estrogen”) by using too much AI. Low E2 and High E2 have overlapping symptoms.

IU is a dosage in international units, EOD is every other day, and FWIW is for what its worth.

From here, I would encourage you to read through as many of the cycle posts as you can and try to understand what the posters are saying. I would trust the things Iron_Yuppie, blshaw, unreal, lordgains, and readalot say. I am sure I am forgetting some here. I am saying this because I don’t think your knowledge is up to par for running a cycle (just my opinion). Not an insult (many many are in this boat with you). You should understand the risks involved and how to logically deal with issues on your cycle. I personally know a few people who have messed themselves up with AIs (and steroids for that matter).