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Clomid During Cycle?


I was searching old articles the other day and ran across an old Brock Strasser article. In this article Brock said that he would never even consider doing a cycle without Clomid DURING the cycle. Now he didn't go into any detail as to how he suggests one use Clomid during a cycle.

I assume he means to use Clomid to keep testicular function, to keep the testes from shrinking?

Has anyone ever done this? How much, how often?

I assume he does not mean to use it daily throughout the cycle, as in another article he said, in response to a question, that he does not favor long term use of Clomid throughout an entire cycle.


crowbar, If you're referring to the article where he outlines his gramabol cycle, then I believe he does suggest clomid to be ran 4 the duration of the cycle...Brock is a brilliant man, but I disagree in regards to clomid maintaining testicular function while on a heavy androgen cycle like the one he proposes. You're going to experience some shutdown no matter what and testicular atrophy WILL OCCUR to various degrees depending on A:the drug, B:the duration, and C:the dose.
I think if you're looking to maintain testicular SIZE then using hcg throughout your cycle would be a wise choice...But to prevent shutdown of the hpta, your cycles need to be less than 4 weeks, and preferably less than 3.
If, however, brock was advocating the use of clomid to ward off gyno, then I think one may be better served to use nolvadex or an aromatase inhibitor instead. Just my .02