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Clomid During Cruising?

Hey. I am cursing 400 mg test e/ week. I wanted to hear your advise on how to best preserve your balls if you’re planning on having children in 5-8 year time. So when the time comes I could reverse the hpta shutdown and have my balls ready. I was thinking of using clomid at low doses eod to keep LH and lfs somewhat active in my pituary so it doesn’t shut fully down. What would you advice to keep on cruising and best maintain my balls healthy. Dont really care about the size as long as I can conceive. Regards

You should be on HCG, not clomid if you blast and cruise and want to give yourself the best chance of staying fertile.

Clomid isn’t scientifically proven for keeping testicular size and function on cycle. From my own experience cycling, I do find I don’t lose as much testicular size, or have as long a recovery during PCT if I do take a small amount of clomid on cycle. I still take it during Pct too.

Also 400mg is not really a cruising dose unless you are a pro bodybuilder.
Being “on” so long, not being on HCG, is dramatically increasing you chances of being permanently shutdown, or at the very least having a very very long recovery of fertility.


Thanks for reply. I made a mistake saying that I cruise at 400mg. I blast now for 12 weeks with test e only, then go down to 200-250 mg/week for cruising. What would you suggest me do to keep my fertility? Shooting hcg for next 5 or so years is gonna be expensive so I thought doing a small dose of clomid eod could keep me going and then use hcg when I will want to conceive a baby down the line. But my concern is how effective it would be as you said its not proven to help it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. I’ve read on some forums it has worked for some guys. That is my thought. I dont really believe in cycling as they do more damage to hormonal system than just cruising at a low dose as I plan on blasting only once a year (this is my first blast / steroid experience) with common compounds. I dont plan on using tren, insulin ,hgh or anything of that sort.
I’m 25 y/o been lifting/eating consistently for 7 years naturally.

Waiting for your thoughts. Best wishes

I would still go down the HCG line rather than clomid if it was me doing B&C.
I am a big fan of clomid on cycle, but that’s very different from B&C.
The problem for someone who blasts and cruises is that your balls are going to be shutdown continuosly for a long period of time. That’s where someone is more likely to get long term fertility problems. Whether clomid on a B&C is going to be enough to keep your balls stimulated over 5 years… I don’t know. The Pro’s use hcg on cycle, and I assume almost all are B&C, many still seem to get their women pregnant(there is no mention of artifical insemination, or using their frozen sperm from before they were on steroids full time, but that doesn’t mean its not happening)

It might be okay for some guys to use clomid and disasterous for others.I can’t think of his name at the moment but in the book Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors I remember one 1980’s bodybuilder attributed taking clomid for the maintaining of his fertility, and had several kids after he stopped using. I have no details of whether he was B&C or cycling, but he was reputedly taking several thousand mg/week.
. You won’t really know how successful any substance clomid or HCG will be B&C for 5 years, until you get off it at the end and try to get your women pregnant.
HCG is still your best bet for success and if you are serious you should take it.
Ksman here on Tnation might be the best guy to talk to restarting you hpta, fertility. Hopefully he will see the post and comment.


Okay, I will do hcg… How often and how much would you suggest me to use it? I got 5000iu on me now, my friend told me you can only mix it with a sterile water once and use it within 30 days? Maybe I can half the ampule or something so it lasts longer ? No idea how to use it.

Never used it before, but the current theory is 250iu 3 times a week.

I would do a search on the mainpage for serm or hcg on cycle, or hcg or clomid for fertility, to give you a broader picture