Clomid doseage in relation to mood.

I started my clomid therapy after an 8 week cycle ( 2 weeks after) and have been noticing some pretty shitty sides in terms of mood. I’m taking 100mg ed for the first week and will be cutting down to 50 ed for the remainder of time. I feel like my dog died a good 2/3 of the day/my sex drive is still there though. Anyway will I feel less bitchly on 50mg or is it not relavant to dose just the individual.

never had the bitchy feeling. if you frontloaded at 300mg you dont really need 100mg a week for the first week. i would be sure to include tribex also.

Wideguy, that’s pretty normal for me to feel that way. I think it’s partly the Clomid, but a big part of it is also that your T-levels are low.

Stay the course, you’ll be fine in a couple weeks. In the meantime, try not to watch too much Oprah.

Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem since I have two exams next week (physic II and organic chem). I can’t imagine the stress is helping much either. BTW I’ve noticed my appetite is really up again, not quite as much as it was with 500 mg o EQ in me but nonetheless up. Do you find the clomid does that or could it be the red-kat?

its the clomid. i get the same thing bro. horse is right. its two part. a drop in test levels and the clomid itself. now we know what its like to have pms. i’ll never again complain to my girl when she wont take it in the ass while its her time of the month. : )no worries bro. it will pass

Regarding appetite, I think it’s just the EQ still in your system. I wasn’t continually ravenous like when I had 100’s of mgs floating around in my blood, but every now and then I’d get the urge to take down a buffet.

I ate more than the 3 guys I was with combined at a pizza buffet a couple weeks post. It was scary.

God I love EQ.

This past week has sucked for me guys. I just got in a big car wreck Monday and haven’t been able to lift since because of back pain. Planning to start back on Monday though, seems to be getting better. I’d be taking Anavar to speed recovery if I wasn’t so close post-cycle.

You never realize how important good health is until it’s threatened or lost.

Sorry for rambling, must be the Clomid.

LOL. I understand warhorse. I find myself being real quite at times and then all of the sudden I start rambling on and on. My freinds are all like “Yo, would you shut the -uck up please.” However I could see where this might be advantagous with the opposite sex. I’ll find out tonight when I go out. I just hope that the poor girl has a mop on hand if she takes me back to her place:-)

lmao. take down a buffet. i bet you werent invited back to all you can eat night. sucks about your car wreck bro. was in a bad one myself back in 95. broken back. massive head injury. all that bad shit. after 20 surgeries all is well. its amazing how tough our bodies really are. physical fitness shouldnt be underrated either. that plays a huge roll in avoiding injury as well as recovery. yours could have been worse.


Yeah, I was thinking about how being in shape probably protected me. I mean, all the muscle around my spine from doing heavy deads/SL deads, and squats has to count for something, right?

has the clomid turned you into a gusher?lol

Ohh! Yeah took 100 mg last nigh before I went out and then a few hrs later 1/2 a viagra. Well it’s about 2:30 now I just woke up 2 hrs ago and this girl I met/pounded last night has called me 4 times already today:-)

Use some andro gel for a few weeks too. It will not inhibit the LH. Cy Willson had an article on this.