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Clomid Connected to E2 Spike?

Everyone says on Clomid you probably need an AI because of it’s ability to convert more T into E2. My question is - is it similar to testosterone in dosing? For example if you took 50MG of Clomid 3x per week would you get a higher estrogen spike compared to say 25MG daily instead for 6 days?

This is not possible to answer with any degree of accuracy without knowing if 25mg daily cypionate dosage will get you the same TT and FT levels as 25mg clomid 3x weekly.

Also realize clomid blocks estradiol from passing through the brain barrier, so a direct comparison is problematic.

I would guess that this would result in higher e2, but there’s tons of variables and probably no way to know for sure

Why are you taking Clomid?

He was on TRT and didn’t get his Free T levels much higher than baseline. Pre-TRT his Total T was 575 ng/dL, Free T at 78 pg/mL and the highest it was on TRT was 793 ng/dL (+218) and Free T at 128 pg/mL (+50 pg/mL), barely an increase at all over baseline and only experienced minor improvements.

He was told he needed a dosage increase, but I guess he decide to stop TRT instead increasing his dosage. He is also concerned about fertility.

Thanks for filling me in on his info @systemlord

can blocking estradiol form passing through the brain barrier effect libido or errections? Also do climid cause more conversion to DHT then testosterone? And why do people say that climid will not give you the same effects as testosterone ?


Clomid often raises SHBG quite a bit, so while TT goes up, FT does not, and you end up not feeling any better

Yes, it’s the most common symptom on clomid.

So if I’m not mistaken free T is what we want to focus on correct?
Is there a way to lower the DHT in your system so your hair has a chance at growing back?

If you stope TRT In theory would your hair grow back?

Maybe, maybe not.

Does TRT effect the hair on your eyebrows because I’m starting to notice I’m losing a lot of hair there too

I had read thinning eyebrows was a sign of low thyroid

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Thinning eyebrows is a sign of thyroid hormones decreasing. My thyroid hormones increased on TRT and TSH decreased. TSH currently sits at 0.45 and T4 at 9.2 mcg/dl (ranges 4.8 - 10.4 mcg/dl).

It’s always a good idea to get baseline labs for everything, that way you can compare when you reach a stable state on TRT.

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Thank you guys I’m gonna look into my thyroid this week

Also I forgot to ask what is the most thyroid hormones to test so I can let my DR know

TSH, Free T4, Free T3 and Reverse T3 if you want to be thorough. I like to test T4 on occasion as well.

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After 3 weeks of 75MG a week my dick is literally numb and can’t get an erection. In the trash it goes.