Clomid/Clomiphen Usage Suggestions?

Just done a cycle of Finaplex,Received my Clomid Order, Anyone know How often you are suppose to use it after a Finaplex cycle, How much a dosage is, and How Long use as far as a cycle is considered. Any suggestions?

Use serach engine and bill roberts articles on mesomorphosis website. Normally fronload 300mg then 50mg a day, but you didn’t use aromatizing steroids so maybe that is overdoing it.

well you question is vague. you provided very little info and it sounds like you were poorly prepared. none of these are good things. your questions should always be answered before you start a cycle. that being said. typical clomid therapy is as follows. assuming you have 50mg tabs which most are. post cycle day 1 at 300mgs, days 2-10 at 100mgs/ed, days 11-20 at 50mgs/ed. if you feel that is not enough recovery time then extend it as needed at 50mgs each additional day.

Depends on what size breasts you’re shooting for.

warhorse, what if i want a firm C? what would you recommend?

anadrol 50-100mg/day dbol 75mg/day and test suspension @ 200mg/day. enjoy the boobs.

“boobs…2 of man’s favorite toys”

Just crush them up and put them in some B-12 they work great that way. Sorry, just had too.


I suggest you find a chick with DD’s and then slim her down until they get to a really firm, pert C.

pdog. a set of full c cups will run ya about $5000. bought the little lady a set a couple years ago. best investment i ever made. nothing like sticking your dick between $5000 and pumping away!

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I like them! Unlike natural ones, they don’t spoil with age.

What is so great about natural anyway P-Dog? Do you like your women without any makeup and hairy legs and armpits?

I am with p-dog on this one!!!

no make up, yes. hairy pits and legs, hell no.

i guess the reason i like the natty’s better is because i like the way the move and shake.

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i honestly dont see the fascination with tits. what do tits do for you when your waxin that ass???

i honestly dont see the fascination with tits. what do tits do for you when your waxin that ass???

It gives you a handhold…DUHHHH

lmao handhold. ok lets find a middle ground. both “t” and “a” are equally as important. but to say what do tits do for you? well they do a lot. mainly providing hours upon hours of harmless fun. titties never hurt anyone. they just make the world a better place.

Let’s not forget they provide highly nutritious milk! Besides, you haven’t done it all until you’ve grabbed a full set and squirted milk all over the place during sex. Man was that some slippery, wet fun! Mmmm. I should be back “in the milk” in a short while.