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Clomid (Challenge) for TRT



Has anybody heard of or tried firsthand clomid as a treatment for trt? Earlier this year I was seeing a nurse practitioner who saw my levels were low for my age (26)...f test 69 t test 381 and gave me 25mg/d for 7 days (clomid challenge) to see how i responded then retested. f test came back 78 and t test 464. this apparently was enough in her eyes to treat me with 15mg sust release mon,wed,fri...after about 4 months my sypmtoms hadn't improved much and i saw another doctor. wondering if anybody else has tried or heard of this approach and what their take is.


Please HELP! First Cycle

FT levels always need a range.
TT=464 is a poor result.

Please post pre and post TRT lab numbers and ranges.

Read the stickies. You need to have E2/estradiol numbers to understand what is going on.

Read posts by others to see what the issues are for younger guys. The posting titles often state the ages, so easy to find.


prior to the challenge, i had been off aas for 2-3 months and my total test was 381ng/dl, my free test was 69pg/ml, lh was 3.0, fsh was 8.6, no estradiol reading.

after the 7 days, my total test went up to 464ng/dl, no free test reading, lh was 7.2, and estradiol was 33.

4 months into doing 15mg clomid mon, wed, fri my total test was 464ng/dl, free test was 78pg/ml and estradiol was 34, lh was 7.6.

i have been reading the stickies and read through posts everyday...learning something new everyday.



How are you feeling with that?
FT always needs lab ranges, not the same at different labs.

You should look at something more effective.


i felt maybe a 15% improvement from before i started it, but nothing significant. now doing 50mg enanthate e3d, 140iu hcg eod, .7mg arimidex/wk...still tweaking things will post blood work next wk


Most need a starting dose of anastrozole of 1mg per 100mg T per week. That would be 1.16mg for you. Best in EOD divided dosing or [0.5mg E3D in your case]. Then refine with labs. [As always, a few are anastrozole over-responders who then need to take around 1/4th of the expected dose.]


Yeah, I had a challenge. Half a tab of clomid brought my total T from 240 to 790 in four weeks.


How is this a poor result over seven days?

Anyway, the doctor could've increased the dosage.


Many consider TT=464 to not be an adequate end point. But I see your point, the increased LH has increased T, but the testes will likely improve over time with physical recovery and the T end point on clomid may end up been higher.

High dose SERMs might create LH levels that are too high, leading to high E2, which we have seen reported, but not enough data. And high LH might lead to LH receptor degradation with the same mechanism which causes this with high dose hCG. So I have some reservations about this as receptor degradation would make things worse SERM or hCG therapy.


did you stay on it beyond four weeks?




I've been on Clomid for the past 3 weeks and have noticeable improvements, why did you stop after 4 weeks?


As a challenge, one can test to see if LH and T are up, gaining insight into the functionality of the HPTA. If LH does not increase significantly, the pituitary needs to be examined and one has secondary hypogonadism. If LH is up and T is not, one has primary hypogonadism. The intent of the challenge is diagnostic. If it works, one could then use hCG to increase T. Long term SERM use is not considered a good idea because of side effects, although such things do happen.

One can also do an hCG challenge to see how functional the testes are.


doctors are scared about the long term effects of Clomid on the body. No one knows what the risks are, and there are apparantly some indicators that show long term could be a big problem (at least according the doctor blogs and studies I have found)


We use clomid in our patients and have great success, but we also take a comprehensive approach of back filing other hormones such as adrenal and thyroid if needed, as well as proper nutrient support which the nutra eval test has been a huge help in identifying. Once the imbalance are found then when the clomid is stop the patient will have a strong foundation to come off to instead of typically crash and burn. After 3 weeks on clomid we test total T,LH, Any Dr that measure e2 and SHBG has no clue on how to properly deal with hormones because when on clomid these become invalid.


We have a guy in another thread wanting to use clomid or another SERM for TRT and this thread is about a SERM challenge, which is primarily diagnostic and not long term. Just wanted to re-make this distinction.


well, i just got my bloodwork back after being on 50mg enan e3d sub-q, 140iu hcg eod, and .5mg ari e5d. I have been trying this approach the past 4 wks. The draw was done at noon, 2 days after my test shot, the day after my hcg shot, and 3 days after my ari. Here are my results:

total t: 1153ng/dl (300-1080)
free t: 265pg/ml (47-244)
cortisol:7ug/dl (5-25)
e2: 32pg/ml
fsh: less than .1miu/ml (.7-11.1)
lh: .1miu/ml (.8-7.6)
prolactin: 6.1ng/ml (1.9-25)

prior to trying this approach, for 8 weeks i had been on 150mg enan shot im 1x/wk and nothing else.
here are my results from one week after my shot at week 6:

totalt: 924ng/dl (300-1080)
free t: 197pg/ml (47-244)
e2: 42pg/ml
fsh: less than .1miu/ml (.7-11.1)
lh: .1miu/ml (.8-7.6)

I was hoping to see my lh and fsh go up a bit since incorporating the hcg for 4 weeks but that didn't happen. My nipple sensitivity has gone down but i think I may go .5mg e4d to see how my e2 levels are affected this next time around trying to get them a bit closer to 22pg/ml. I have noticed my nuts drop probably 75% of the time and regained some size since being pretty hiked up and atrophied from the 8 weeks prior, but i still think a bit more hcg may be necessary to keep them down. the sub q shots are easier and blood work shows it's still as effective, but i still feel like something is off since i still have the brain fog and difficulty concentrating.What are your guys thoughts?



I have been using clomid for TRT for 4 or 5 months now. 50 mg everyday. Total T went from 300 to 1000. Estrogen started to get too high after a while so now I'm on Adex 1 mg everyday.


your dose is much higher than i was on which is perhaps why i made little improvements. how long do you plan to stay on this amount?

Why is it that clomid is used for a challenge? don't get guys get more sides off it when compared to nolvadex? couldn't nolvadex theoretically be used in it's place? i am just thinking out loud here.