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Clomid as a Monotherapy?

No i don’t know that site much. Thx. Btw, i took Proviron for a full month at 75mg and 100 mg at last week to mimic pal’s protocol. Bombarding receptors to make them less sensitive again. I am the worst state ever atm. But they said improvements come at the 4th week. So im waiting, in a bad place. @ncsugrad2002
So should i consider another SERM than Clomid? Which is the best and safest you would say?

There’s something weird in the medical community. The entire internet says Clomid gives you floaters if you stay on it too long. It’s well accepted. But doctors all claim it’s anecdotal and Clomid does not give you floaters.
Well, I was on Clomid, and I got floaters. My doctor said “it was just a coincidence”. Something’s rotten here.
My advice: take everyone else’s advice, and don’t stay on clomid unless you want possibly permanent floaters.

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Did your floaters stay there permanently? @znxus
How much you took?

Um, I don’t know what protocol this is, but receptors don’t work that way, especially not at that small of a dose of Proviron. All that’s going to do is suppress your natural function and not much else.

It’s a pfs idea. Proviron only then HCG if I remember correctly. A few people have claimed to have luck with it. No clue why.

How did your theraphy go? Im thinking to use Clomid in order to cure my low T and sexual symptoms.

My biggest concern is, will your body sustain and adjust the new increased levels of Androgens or will they go baseline after treatment? What is the logic of using Clomid, if your at falls back after the treatment…

Your body will almost certainly just drop back when you stop the Clomid. That’s what happens with almost everyone who tries it. It is used in men off label for fertility. It is not meant for long term use, has way more sides than virtually any other treatment, and is almost never effective.


Considering this logic, why then people using Clomid for decades sucsessfully as a PCT drug?
They should have sustain the hormonal increase if the pct works.

That is to restore natural function that was fine before it was shut down. Restoring to what it was, but usually a little less actually than what it was before a cycle. And Nolvadex is the preferred drug for that, and they haven’t actually been doing it that long. No one was doing that 20 years ago, so “Decades” is a stretch. You would be trying to restore function to what you have now, essentially. Or maybe a little less when you’re done. Every great once in a while it might work for what you want to do, but I’ve never actually encountered anyone that managed to pull it off.

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Thanks for the answer. Well, i think people can’t pull it off that much because they take zuclomiphene with enclomiphene. Zuclomiphene is an estrogen agonist with a longer half life. This creates an accumulation of E2 over time and people lose their initial androgenic boost on it.

So i ordered pure enclomiphene, En-Clofert. With this, maybe i can achieve the desired effect with low doses? I hope so…
My “doc” (I have no respect to any doctor anymore, considerinf my life destroyed by them.) prescribed me TRT but its a big no-no for me.

It is worth a try, but that is not why it doesn’t work. Enclomiphene is not an approved medication, it doesn’t have the testing to show either efficacy or safety. Clomid has lots of possible sides, but at the end of the day trying to trick your body into believing a higher level than what you have been producing doesn’t usually work because it doesn’t fix the cause.

why nolvadex is preferred from clomid for pct or treatments of low t after aas abuse :thinking:

Nolva has less sides and is generally better tolerated. Easier on the system.

What you think is the cause then?

Nobody knows that most of the time. That’s the problem. If we knew the cause we would fix it and none of us would be on TRT.