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Clomid as a Monotherapy?

Can somebody give the pros and cons of clomid as a monotherapy at least in a short term ?
I tried to come off TRT after 14months. I started taking clomid and noticed sides after taking it for 2 weeks. But I did go 100mg ED for 14 days , 50mg ED for 7 days and then 25 RD for 5 days

My last t shot was Aug 3rd , last clomid was Sept 6th and now I think I may be crashing and might try a longer PCT with it… Cannot find a doctor to RX anything for E2 or even HCG…
Going to get bloods done soon. My doctor will Rx clomid though.

BTW - I have never done any gear…

38 years old and started on T due to low numbers I believe were related to Depression and Adrenal fatigue.

I am on week six of Clomid therapy. Your dose is way high. My doc prescribed 25mg eod and my test went from 247 to 881 over the six weeks along with great improvements in free and bioavailable test. I had no side effects other than the first week it made me gassy. I know some people’s estrogen can rise on Clomid but mine was already very low (under 10) and rose into the thirties but I feel great.

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Agreed. No wonder you got side efefcts. Clomid monotherapy doses are much lower than that. Typical dosage ranges are from 12.5 mg every other day to 25 mg every day.

Today is day 1 of week 2 for me. Doc has me on 50mg ED and .25mg anastrozole EW. I’ve had a bit of depression improvement (which may be due to our house selling quickly) but I am really moody. My wife asked if I was on my man period lol. Motivation for gym, sex, etc. is still non-existent. I’ll do bloodwork on Dec 5th to see how it’s going.

BTW - my clomid was not really a monotherapy… It was more of a restart try… And seems pretty close to what Scally recommends.
I am thinking I needed to go for longer with MUCH shorter amounts… What are the odds I won’t need an E blocker on
25MG clomid EOD ?

Thanks guys !


So I have been on clomid monotherapy 25MG EOD since early Dec…
My bloodwork previous to starting while taking nothing for about 4months was…
I was on TRT before and did PCT for 4 weeks of high dose clomid with no taper…

total test 15.1 on scale of (8.4-28.8)
Free Test 29.3 on scale of (31-94)
FSH 2 scale of 2-8
LH 6 scale of 2-6
E2 72 scale of <150…

I am getting bloodwork on Friday and not a moment to soon as I have been feeling like SHAT for about 2 weeks.
Symtoms are … LOW libido all of a sudden… moody, brainfog, I still get random morning erections but think my E2 may be out of wack… My wife is a ROCKET and normally can’t keep my hands off… She has been looking like a fine piece of art for the last 2 weeks…

Will update !


The labs screwed my blood work … (forgot TOTAL T , Free T and SHBG)
Here are the labs they did get…

Free Thiiodothyronine 6.3 range 3.5-6.5
Thyrotropin (sensitive TSH) 2.14 range .30-4.0
FSH 7 range 2-8
LH 12 range 2-6
estradiol 256 range < 150…
Cortisol 297 range in am 170-720…

I knew by feel alone my E was WAY tooo high… My hot wife looks more like ART than something I want to ravage !
More emotion , anxious, no bitch tits and only a little ED…

Only taking 25MG EOD of CLOMID


Blood work came back…

Total test… 21.1 on scale of 8.4-28.8
free test 37.3 on scale of 31.0-94.0 sure wish this number was better…

SHBG Biochemistry 40.4 on scale of 10.0-70.0

I am currently tapering off clomid and feel awful , No energy, libido is hit and miss, Seem way more tired than normal…
My E2 is way too high.

Should probably stay on Clomid and get E2 down to see what happens.

Has anyone get sexual improvements on Clomid? This is important to me… Any semen volume, orgasm quality and morning erection increase?? please go in details…

Did any kind of supression occured due to Clomid after treatment?
Is it safe?

It’s as safe as permanent eye damage. Go for it!

None, its not worth the trouble but go ahead an try it

Hey man, first off you are from the PH forum right?
Second, why are you so cynical? Im as desperate as any PFS sufferer and i have read many recovery stories with clomid like substances. So it is still a good thing to try i guess?

Also, i have read the risks about the eye damage. I am not going to try before assessing every scenario, im not that careless after what happened to me with an acne drug. That’s why im asking these questions. Thanks for your warning though.

Lastly, did you try it yourself and did it damage your eye or something? You sound pretty overwhelmed and i hope you are aware of that if something didn’t work out for you, it doesn’t means that it won’t for me and others too.

Best regards, Cooper.

Can you give more info please? Are you also a pfs victim? Thanks.

Yes, same person. I answered some clomid details in the other thread. Clomid is generally not very effective to put it nicely but a short trial of a reasonable dose shouldn’t hurt anything. It made me feel like a crazy person though. I was super emotional… like screaming at people for no reason level. Not good. It is great for fertility though…

Have you had any blood work done? Straight up TRT did more for me than anything else has

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I think my best bet is to try a SERM with weightlifting at the moment.
Thanks for pointing out enclomiphene. Is it safer than Clomid? I have read some blindess cases with clomid, it kinda freaked me out. How common is that?

Lastly, have you ever tried CD’nuts protocol? I think our issue is low 5AR activity and lowered Androgen Receptor density in combination.
But we have also seen people with hypersensitive AR, one party claims low AR sensivity and one claims high AR sensivity. Do different cases have one of them?

  • One theory claims, our body lowered AR due to lowered 5ar activity by the drug, causing ab-normal increased production of T in order to compansate. So abnormal T levels due to lowered 5AR, cause lowered AR sensivity and we get PFS.

  • Other one, claims lowered 5Ar due to drug caused increase in AR sensivity in order to compansate. (That’s why they found overexpressed AR on pfs patients penises(?) ) (@pal’s theory.)

What you think? @ncsugrad2002

It’s not very common. It’s more likely at high doses for long periods of time. I’d start really low, like 25mg every other day. Eye floaters usually happens first then it progresses from there if you don’t stop. I have read some horror stories of young people being put on it and their doc/parents making them keep taking it despite side effects which ended in permanent vision damage. Just be smart about it and stop taking it if you even think you’re having any eye issues and you should be fine.

I’ve stayed away from the pfs boards for the most part for quite some time because of how depressing they are to be honest. Being told there’s no fix, no hope, no concrete explanation, etc was worse than the actual issues for me. TRT helped a lot. I do think there are two forms of pfs.

I’d recommend some blood work if you can swing it just to see how things look. For me some things were really out of whack that made TRT make sense.

I haven’t tried cdnuts thing but quite a few do seem better because of it. It seems to just be swinging T levels up and down to me. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s time that healed those people, maybe it’s the being healthier part. Maybe it’s all the herbs… I’m not sure.

Thanks. What do you think about the two parts i have written about our issue? Low AR and High AR hypothesis?

I also have my bloodwork on my own topic here. You can check if you want to help about that: Advice for PCT? (Not a Bodybuilder)

I’ll check out the numbers

I do think there are two versions with something like that going on but I don’t think anyone really knows for sure yet

Do you have an account on hack stasis?

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