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Clomid + Arimidex/Aromasin for Libido and Well-Being

Hello guys.
This might sound crazy to you, but I will try to explain my case.
31y old, with big libido (not so much erection) problem since my mid twenties.

I live really healthy lifestyle, good diet and supplementation, intense workouts since my teen years, I never smoke and drink, I’m in great physical condition and really satisfied with my looks.

But problem with libido is really killing me -Currently I’m dating a very good looking girl, she is absolutely stunning in every single aspect - Amazing face, her butt is out of this planet. But the problem is, when we are about to have sex I feel absolutely no urge. Zero.

Sometimes it takes 45-60min of foreplay for me to get an errection and even then I don’t feel horny and I just can’t wait for it to finish. I’m relaxed and don’t feel anxious before sex, I only get frustrated during foreplay when I can’t get myself horny.

And this problem followed me since my 23/24y with every single girl I’v been.

So far, I tried every pde5 inhibitor but they don’t help as obviously blood flow is not the problem.
I also tries pt 141 (bremelanotide) higher dosage and it didn’t work.
I regularly use higher dosage of herbal medicine (black maca, ashwagandha, tribulus) and feel no improvement in libido.

Last year, I even tried 500m testo + proviron for 8 weeks solely for libido improvement (for the first time in my life) but I felt absolutely no imrovement in my sexual desire.

How ever, at one point, I remember running 1/4 clomid + 1/4 arimidex 2x weekly and condition improved a bit. I’v been thinking to try out this combo again.

What do you guys think, do you have any suggestion for my problem?
I forgot to mention, I have visited different urologists and endo’s and they couldn’t help me.

I’m mentioning again, my erections are solid when I get going, but its very rarely - I have no interest in sex, I never watch pornography etc.
Cheers all

Lab work for starters. Full male hormone panel.

I think your PRL is probably high, and might want to get an MRI along with labwork

Yes you are right about prolactin, last time I did it was very high at 284 (53-360) and on previous testings it was even over 400. I did manage to lower it with bromocriptine medication.
I also did pituitary scanning and I don’t have prolactinoma.
My thyroid is also good although tsh is a bit elevated at 3.600 (0.400-4.000).
What I want to say - I tried everything, especially last 2 years - I was on a 50mg of thyroxin for a long time (against my endo’s will as they think it’s “all in my head”), I took bromocriptine, tried proviron, 1 cycle, my lab results improved significantly and hormones were in line but libido was still down, I still have 0 interest in sex.

I am no expert in thyroid, but that’s not good. Do you have fT3, fT4 checked?

If you’ve got full current labs go ahead and post them. Might help if we have the whole picture to work with