Clomid and Winstrol

Should I use 50mg Clomid a day to keep natural testo. production up during cycle when on a Winstrol only cycle (Stanozolol) 50-100 mg a day 5-6 weeks?

I don’t think so. Clomid won’t keep your natural test production up for 6 weeks, supression is supression. You won’t need it as an anti-e while on either. Just take it when your finished with your cycle. Why are you running winstrol only?

thanx for your reply! I plan running a winstrol only cycle because I am on a diet. And It is relatively safe. I want to keep, and best of all maybe get 4-5 pounds of muscle while beeing harder. I know most of you guys prefer stacking winstrol/stanozolol with other steroids for better effect. But I will try this and see what kind of gains I will receive.

Careful, though. Winstrol can cause tendon damage as it decreases the strength of tendons, while simultaneously having a mild neurogenic action.

Personally I’d prefer oxandrolone for dieting… but then that’s just me.

Winstrol compared to other steroids is minimally suppressive. It also doesn’t aromatise, actually down regulates the ER and has antagonistic effects on Progestorone Receptors. Using Clomid while on cycle may initially increase your own test production before htpa suppression kicks in. Clomid wouldn’t be as effective in recovery however, as its main mechaninsm of action is that of occupying the ER, in the hpta during recover, preventing estrogen from shutting down the axis. However on a winstrol cycle there is no estrogen anyway so this mechanism of action would have little effect.