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Clomid and Testosterone Injections for Fertility?

So I want to become fertile again. Me and the fiance want to have a baby. I’ve tried numerous times with her and others in the past and can basically tell im shut down.

I’m age 33 and have been on TRT for 7 years with great labs and everything in balance. Called my TRT doctors office and without getting to talk to actual Dr his assistant prescribed me clomid @ .25mg a day. She told me to start tapering down on my twice a week of injections which were two injections of 100mg (so 200mg total a week) and .5mg of Anastrozole after each injection. Till my scheduled appointment next month, since DR is so booked.

Ive tried looking on the internet to see if Clomid AND Testosterone can be used together for fertility, and found nothing at all I also don’t want to completely get of the Testosterone and feel like shit if i don’t have too. Also am i wasting my clomid and time still taking my shots till i get into see my DR. i know it takes 90+ days from production to ejaculation

My bad for the TL’DR first post. Thanks

I don’t know if clomid and T will work together. I see people say clomid won’t work while on TRT but I’ve never seen an explanation on why or a study proving it, though I haven’t looked too hard either.

Anyways. Worst case, if that doesn’t work, I would look into HCG and FSH. FSH is expensive but that will directly stimulate sperm production, so it usually does the trick given some time to work. HCG may help but if you’ve been shutdown for 7 years you might need something stronger IMO

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I used ti get HCG when first started too but felt like i didnt need it. Cost wise and Test levels wise cause i started at 100mg a week of Test Cyp

HCG here in US where I live is harder to get cause compounding pharmacies are getting licenses removed or some shit. or its wayyy expensive now. Never heard of getting straight FSH. will ask Dr. ill get labs done a week before visit, hopefully he’ll check LH levels and all the sperm making levels im unaware of. assuming FSH is other

Yeah, HCG isn’t hard to get for normal pharmacies. My PCP writes me a script for it and CVS fills it. The compound pharmacies are no longer able to make it for trt clinics. So instead of the clinics just prescribing it and letting you get it at a normal pharmacy they give you Clomid and lie to you about its effectiveness. It is 100% bullshit. The clinics all have lucrative deals with the pharmacies they use and they’re loathe to use someone else.

HCG restores fertility. They’ve done studies, we know the results, it works. If you want to have a baby and you’re currently not able to then HCG is the path. Some guys are able to impregnate their ladies while still on trt, others need to come off and run the hcg protocol as outlined by the biggest study that’s been done. You won’t know which one you are until you’ve either tried for a while on trt or until you get the results of a semen analysis. The one thing I’m confident in is this: Clomid is absolutely not the answer you’re looking for. Can it theoretically work? Maybe. But we know—again, based on scientific data—that HCG works. If this is important to you then you should be looking at the path with the highest success rate and not the one that’s most convenient for the clinic that you’re going to. There’s a reason more and more of us are dumping our clinics after years of being loyal customers.

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Not as true as most people think. Empower still has it for $46 for 6000 IU’s. Regular pharmacies like cvs have it as well. The problem is most TRT places just don’t want to give you a regular prescription that you can take to CVS for reasons already stated.

Look up Boston loyd fertility protocol. Not many docs do much with fsh but it is very effective. It is also very expensive though unfortunately.


I get all my TRT prescriptions ie: Testosterone, Anastrazole, syringes and everything else my Dr has prescribed me at Rite Aid aka big name normal pharmacy like CVS. and not a compounding pharmacy. So i’m confused as to why they would tell me its super expensive and or lie to me. I guess i’ll just do what i’m doing now until I see the Dr on the 11th and demand HCG.

I am genuinely still curious if adding Clomid to exogenous Testosterone can still cause/bring back fertility.

Just looked on GoodRx and it’s between $80-110 at the pharmacies around me. That’s about the least expensive thing you’ll buy if you’re going to have a kid.


Yeah i think i saw that too. Ive been shut down a good long time I’m sure. Will HCG with my Test bring the boys back to making actual sperm instead of just growing my balls?

Main goals are: Get fertile ASAP, not feel like shit, keep test levels high as possible and not have bad side effects. PS knock her up asap haha

If you want swimmers ASAP then do what I already said. It will basically say HCG and FSH.

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Then you need TRT, HCG and possibly FSH. Empower is a good place to get HCG and FSH.

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Just looked up the price for Gonal and holy shit for that price you can probably get a couple of kids from China and have money left over for a flight home from Wuhan.

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Yeah, it’s insane, assuming gonal = FSH. I’m spending $250 a month on it and that’s for a relatively low dose through Empower. If I was getting it through CVS the price is 4x that and I’d hit my lifetime fertility drug max through my insurance company in a whopping 3 months

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