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Clomid - and Stopping TRT

Can any of the experts and pros here tell me the pros and cons of taking Clomid to raise natural Testosterone.

Also will Clomid kick start natural production of T if coming off of a long term TRT shot regime. Asking because after 6 years of taking shots I’m very very tired of the high rbc , the every month or more blood donations , the higher cholesterol and always being worried about other long term health effects .

Not looking to get Bashed on this thread question. Please. Just looking for a way to kick start natural T. Whatever my body gives me. Thank you.

I bet if your trt is not successfull your protocol is bad.

Also if you have high SHBG clomid is a no no

Clomid will increase testosterone, but you won’t necessarily feel good in the long term, but once you cease clomid levels usually drop back down to baseline or lower depending how long you have been on TRT.

As far as high cholesterol there are other triggers that can make it unhealthy. Low-T is unhealthy and can lead to inflammation ~ cardiovascular and heart disease.

Clomid is highly estrogenic and has nasty side effects. You’d be much better off trying HCG monotherapy instead.

You shouldn’t have high RBC issues on TRT if the dose is optimal. Why don’t you tell us what you are doing and what you have tried?

I did extensive research on Clomid when my endo prescribed it to me. Waited about 4 days before taking .50 and I felt like I had a migrane with the flu. Stopped taking it, and emailed my endo. His reply was stop and resume in 2 weeks. By the following week I registered here and began TRT. Clomid is crazy horrible for me, and Im holding on to it in case the zombie apocalypse comes upon us and disrupts the flow of T. Other than that, I have no reason for having it.

To answer your question

To go natural and to restart your system as quick as possible without experiencing significant symptoms of a T crash you will have to reverse 2 things caused by TRT

  • leydig cell atrophy in the testicles (if you havent been using hCG along T)
  • restart of the LH secretion by the pituitary

Want you want to do first when stopping TRT is to use hCG to reverse leydig cell atrophy which happened in the testicles due to the supression of LH on TRT.
Its difficult to predict what dose you will need to do that but it will be something between 400 to 1000 IU eod for 1 to 4 months. Best is to start 500 IU eod a couple of days after your last T shot, measure T after 2 weeks on hCG and adjust the dose of hCG according the measured T levels. You will experience a growth in testicular size during this time. You can also skip this phase and immediately go on clomid, but the advantage of using hCG is that you can provide your testicles with supraphysiological concentrations of LH (which hCG simulates) and thereby spped up the process of atrophy reversal.

After 1 to 4 months on hCG you can start with clomiphene to reactivate the pituitary to secrete LH again. You would take between 12.5 and 25 mg eod for 1 to 4 months (start with 25 eod, depending on how you react to clomiphene and what you can tolerate modify) with the last hCG shot. Clomiphene is composed of two parts, an antiestrogenic part (enclomiphene) and a estrogenic part (zuclomiphene). On TRT or on hCG LH secretion is blocked mainly by estrogen coming from the aromatisation of T. Clomiphene can (partly) override this negative feedback loop, because the enclomiphene part will block the estrogen from binding to the receptors in the pituitary. Thus it will speed up the process of getting your pituitary to secrete higher levels of LH by tricking it into the belief of a T and estrogen deficiency.

Once clomiphene is stopped you will drop back to your natural T levels.

TRT is safe and the benefits outweight the risks. Its just a question of dosage. Physiological levels can be maintained mostly by around 75 mg weekly. Erythrocytosis (high HCT) is directly related to the T dose.

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With clomid most likely you will have good t levels, but you will feel bad. Most people feel bad with this drug no matter the levels they achieve. A few doctors had shared me according to them clomid works well for 20 percent of people and rarely more than 2-4 years.
With HCG mono success rate percentages seem to be only a bit higher

He wants to come off TRT, so hes looking for PCT.

Best of luck, I’m in the same boat as you, been on trt for 3 years. I’m on 5 weeks of HCG .

I did 3 weeks of HCG at 1500 IU EOD, then tapered down to on dose of 750 IU and now on 500IU every 3 days( E3D).

Have clomid/nolvadex on hand incase needed, but not sure when to take it.