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Clomid and/or HCG PCT?

I’m coming off cycle soon from Test E, 500 mg a week. I’ve gotten a lot of information before asking about this. But figure it’s worth asking again just to be safe. So I have clomid and HCG. Currently I’m taking HCG 250 EOD while on cycle. So for my PCT what’s the best way to use what I have? Together or not together? And what dosages do you recommend?

Don’t use HCG with PCT.

HCG = LH mimick = intrinsically suppressive to HPTA.

I think I forgot the answer to this as I remember researching it before, but is it because there are LH receptors in the hypothalamus or pituitary or is it because T and E rise effecting the negative feedback and therefore a secondary mechanism?

I should check for dementia

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With what I have what do you guys recommend?

Take the hCG for three weeks 2 times per week after your last test shot. Then stop the hCG and use Clomid 50 mg the first week, then 50 mg the second then 25 the third then 25 the fourth. You can then also take 12.5 for two weeks or stop. You can also take 25 mg the first four weeks and then do two more with 12.5 mg.

On another note:
The question I posed above is essential for PCT. Because if the latter then hCG could be taken longer. I currently think that it’s a secondary mechanism making it possible to take hCG until T and E2 is high enough.

Body realises LH output is exogenous and adequate > body stops naturally producing LH > stop HCG > LH plummets

Think about the function of LH, without LH there’s a lack of intratesticular testosterone secretion.

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This is only true if there is a negative feedback from LH. Is there one?

I know I looked this up a few months ago, but on searching again I couldn’t find any evidence (in 15 minutes searching) that there are LH receptors upstream of the testicles in the HPT.

How much HCG per shot then? I’m currently doing 250iu EOD while on cycle.

You can just keep that schedule.

So after my last test shot which will be Saturday…250iu of HCG EOD for three weeks then clomid 50/50/25/25 (4 weeks total)? I can’t do the 12.5 of clomid. Each dose I have is 50mg so it might already be hard enough splitting that into 25mg.

Yes this is a proper layout.

Don’t split. Take it EOD.

Just a question for curiosity. But what if it was 500iu of HGC EOD for three weeks? Would it make a difference?