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Clomid and Nolvadex Lower IGF-1?

Whenever the topic comes up, most people’s major complaint about Nolvadex is that it lowers IGF-1. Don’t the studies on Clomid also show that Clomid lowers IGF-1? I belive too that the studies showing this were done in women. Does anyone know if studies show Nolva/Clomid lower IGF-1 in men?

Also, on a related note, I know AAS like testosterone raise IGF-1 during cycle. Does anyone know if IGF-1 levels drop during PCT after discontinuing AAS? Is IGF-1 even accomplishing anything muscle related in the absence of testosterone during PCT, that concern about the effect of Nolva/Clomid on IFG-1 is warranted during this phase?

Nolvadex doesn’t lower igf-1 enough to matter. This is directly from a respected endo that posted a wealth of info who takes 20mg/day. Search physiolojik igf-1



Hence why the objective is to recover as quickly as possible, one’s body is in a catabolic state for a few weeks post cycle, no way around it unless… Igf-1 and insulin play MASSIVE roles with regard to anabolism. Some dudes take GH/peptides + slin off cycle or on TRT to maintain or even gain muscle mass, and guess what… It works pretty well, even in the presence of hypogonadism. These drugs all potentiate one another greatly, that being said concurrent use of each is also far riskier, don’t touch slin unless you’re a competitive bodybuilder.

And don’t touch igf-1 the vast majority is fake, to actually manufacture igf-1 the cost is absurd, thus why would the price be like 70 bucks a vial if it costs exponentially more to produce

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If someone were running nolvadex on blast say 10 to 20 mg a day… Could you use a compound like MK-677 to counter the lowered IGF-1?

The effect on igf-1 concentrations from 10-20mg/day would.ne negligible, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Mk-677 is an interesting premise, however we don’t have a whole lot of research regarding the compound. My biggest worry with long term use would be the potential for downregulation of the bodies natural response to GH pulses, that and the potential neurological effects of long term use of mk-677, I can go into more detail if you’d like (later, gotta get to school now yeet)

What about Clomid? Is that also known to lower IGF-1?

Yes, all serms do

This is very interesting. Please elaborate when you get time. I didn’t think about that. (haven’t used it but was considering it in the future)