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Clomid and Nolvadex At The Same Time?


can u take both of them at the same time? or do they cancel each other out.
since the clomid is an estrogen and the tamoxifen will bind with estrogen rendering it useless?


I think u are a little off base on this one..BOth compounds are weak estrogens, that work via binding to estrogen receptors, thus preventing circulating endogenous estrogen from doing to the receptor and exerting it's effects..i.e.gynecomastia,female fat deposits,etc.
Taking both at the same time will not cancel one another out, but is futile imo,,,some people still do this, but there really is no synergy occurring in this process as I think it's done more to prevent side effects from occurring in the high dose administration of one or the other.



As my experience has grown, I have grown to learn that these two compounds are complete junk and should be avoided. Stick to keeping estrogen near physiological norms during cycle by using an aromatase inhibitor. Then post cycle there will be no need to 'block' any estrogen, therefore you will need less 'junk' in your body which in the long run will continue to prevent you from reaching homeostasis.

Tapering off steroids is a much more healthier, and effective approach.