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Clomid and High Estradiol

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anybody has experienced high estradiol along side good levels of total and free testosterone while on clomid?

I’m taking 25 mg one day and 50 mg the alternating day.

Total T = 956 ng/dl
Total Estradiol = 40 pg/ml
Free T = checked semi regularly, but always within normal ranges
SHBG = never high, always in normal range

On testosterone injections, my total T would be similar (even higher post-injection) but my estradiol would only be 24 pg/ml.

My question is why such a sharp increase in estradiol? My second question is, I feel that despite the very good Total T, I feel only a portion of the positive effects that I did on the injection. For example:

  • zero libido
  • inability to loose fat on the waist
  • brain fog
  • can gain muscle mass/strength but very slowly

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?


Clomid is a fertility drug originally for women, its stimulates estrogen and acts upon estrogen receptors.

Yes, it supposedly blocks and activates receptors. Luckily the receptors it blocks are in the hypothalamus, which ends up tricking it to produce more GnRH and thus more LH and thus more T. That part works very well it seems. It’s trying to figure out which estrogen receptors it’s activating that’s the problem.

Are you saying that it also can cause an increase in Aromatase activity thus leading to more estrogen?


Why are you taking different varying doses? The idea is to keep blood levels of the drug stable. I would switch to enclomiphene - it had none of that nasty side effects clomid has and all its benefits. Plus you can throw some DIM in for natural estrogen control.

How to obtain enclomiphene since it is still not FDA approved?

My doc switched me from 50 mg every day because my LH and T was getting out of range. Reducing the dose on alternating days brought it back within range.

I’m taking DIM right now - 300 mg a day. I haven’t felt a huge difference. Is that dose reasonable?

You can get enclomiphene online research chemical sites. 300 is too much DIM… 100 dries me out - I would lower the dose and add CDG, or get a product with both like Jarrows Formula - up your water in take and fibre this helps flush excess estrogens and prevent reabsorption into the body.