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Clomid and HCG for PCT

I am attempting a PCT restart. After being shutdown for a little bit, I just wanted to see your guys opinion on using clomid and HCG at the same time. Is there any benefit to this or should I wait until I am done with my HCG. I planned on doing two week HCG alone, 2 weeks HCG and clomid, and then 2 weeks of clomid alone.

Someone with abit more scientific knowledge would be best to give you a deffinite answer, but, is this following on from a cycle and this is your PCT plan or have your tried to PCT and fail etc… whats the situation?

In most cases a SERM should do the trick if you are not currently on cycle/TRT.

I did one cycle a while ago, wasn’t completely shutdown, but had small testicles and a little bit of fatigue. I guess I didn’t PCT right after my cycle, and this happened. Hopefully, I can have more luck this time around.

Bad idea.
Sorry, I miss read your post. You can use one then the other.

The following is about using SERMs and hCG at the same time, or excessive amounts of either.

Here is why. Both SERM induced LH and hCG can over stimulate the LH receptors. The dangers in that are:

  • over stimulation leading to LH receptor desensitization
  • high T–>E2 inside the testes that a competitive AI cannot control
  • when you stop PCT and testes see a lower LH signal, they will reduce T production

Note that the dangers of stacking SERM+hCG are the same as taking too much hCG or a SERM. More is not better. Yes, this means that most of what you see in BB forums is wrong.