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Clomid and Estrogen

hi every one… i have a question??
we are know normal e2 level is good for men… but if u have normal e2… and take clomid … clomid inhibit or block the good work of e2 works???

Clomid is known to possess dual actions as an estrogen agonist and an estrogen antagonist. Clomid also blocks estrogen in the brain to more effectively increase LH.

thank u but can u answer me with yes and no… because english is not my first language and i donot understand this complex staf

Clomid is anti-estrogenic in some tissues, estrogenic in others. It is anti-estrogenic in breast tissue, so it helps prevent gynecomastia. It is estrogenic in the pituitary, so it is useful for PCT.

It may be estrogenic in the brain as it is known to cause emotional issues. It does not effect muscle or fat, It does increase testosterone, some of which is converted to E2.

thank u . when i have 25 to 30 e2 level i feel best . and eat what i want and still not gain any fat… but how much time it takes to get gyneo from high e2?

Gyno happens when a combination of hormones are out of balance, prolactin, DHT, testosterone and estrogen.

I’ve had high E2 for almost 2 years and I have no gyno, you require the genes for gyno to happen.

The guys I knew who ended up having surgery for gynecomastia were all experienced and advanced anabolic steroid users. That’s not to say one already predisposed for gyno will not develop it fairly quickly.