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clomid alternative

I was hoping if someone would have any information about the drug called Estratest as a subtstitute for Clomid either during or after a cycle. Estratest contains esterified estrogens (.625 mg) and methyltestosterone (1.25 mg) per pill. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated especially if either Brock Strasser or Bill Roberts could comment.

I am sorry to say that there is no substitute for clomid. It is good stuf. If you are looking to lower estrogen levels then use some nolvadex and some proviron. That should help keep the BT’s at bay. Also you can order a 3 month supply of clomid from overseas or mexican pharmacies. That would be 90 tabs. A little loophole left open by the feds. Don’t take that stuff you are talking about. Never heard of it but it has estrogen in it and not a whole lot of Methyltest. If you do a light cycle you can get away w/out using any of the above mentioned items but it is better to err on the side of caution and use the stuff. P.S. you can get nolvadex from your doctor. Tell him your nipples hurt and you are afraid of developing Gyno. An open minded doctor would have no problem giving you a script.

Esterfied estrogens and methyltest as a substitute for clomid??? Are you joking?? I hope so. An esterfied estrogen like estradiol valerate (an injectable) is just like testosterone enanthate in that is slowly converts to estrogen in your body. Methyltest is just an oral testosterone. This combo will give you a set of hooters that Pam Anderson would have been proud of (before her unfortunate breast reduction). Who was pushing you this stuff as a substitute for clomifin? Stick to clomifin, tamoxifin, and cytadren (arimidex if you can afford it).