Clomid Alone for Hormone Boost?

Hi guys. This is my first post here i like this forum.
Well im 25 years old and i was looking for something to give me an hormonal boost but witouth starting juice.
Yesterday i got some clomid and took 25mg. Well a couple hours later and until now i started to feel more energetic and with some kinda mood bost… 0 side effects until now. My question is if i take 50mg would i get more of an effect? My plan is to take it M/W/F.
How could i know if it will be beneficial to my muscle growth or the opposite?
How could i realise if i would get more from it if I add from example arimidex?
Im planning on taking it no more than for 2 months.

Thank you very much!

You are not going to notice any difference positive or negative after a couple of hours, that is the placebo effect. It will be slightly helpful long term, nothing like steroids though. Your balls will get pretty big, and you will produce more semen.
25mg a day is plenty, and will slightly increase your natural testosterone production.
More is not better, high doses of clomid can effect vision, sometimes permanently.
Arimidex to my knowledge won’t increase your testosterone production, it will stop your body from producing estrogen, or at least stop your body absorbing its effects.

above he’s said he’s taking 3 times a week (M/W/F), would you recommend everyday then ?

I dont understand. From what I have read one clomid dose can last around 5 days in body doing effect. Actually im feeling pretty good, yesterday I were a monster at gym (and my last dose was 2 days ago). I feel more energetic and with better mood all day long… I dont think that is placebo effect…
Also If clomid raises your testosterone up and your free test levels also… Why that would be placebo?


This is from the marked placebo effect. But Clomid is truly only good for shooting big loads man.

I still dont get why do you say its placebo.

I have came from the gym 2 hours ago. And i notice i see myself bigger and I can see some water retention. Also I have just measured my weight and i have gained 4,4lbs in just 3 days (since I have started the clomid). I havent changed my diet so i have to assume its weight from water.
How can i be retaining water and you guys says its placebo?


I still stand by what I said.

i am 22 years old, i tried exactly what your reaching for an hormonal boost but without starting juice. I was taking 25 or 50 in the am and before bed…holy shit worst experience ever, i dont know if it was too much or what but i became fucked up after 3 weeks, it kill all my test i dont know but shit it was strange ! i won’t touch this shit anymore, it took maybe 6 months to come back on track !

I was not able to control my mind, i was depress, i was not able to cum when masturbating…fucked up hahaha

but if u wanna boost ur hormone without taking juice try HCG, great results, no kickdown ! ( i did it few months before clomide )

if i had to come back i wont touch this shit, hormonale system is really complexe, and i dont think you should do this…do you have a better reason to do this ?

Clomid 25mgs every day. You could probably do half a tab ie 12.5mg/day as well, to start off and see if it agrees with you.
I did a trial run of serms before I started to do steroids. Nolva 10mg a day.
I felt great, my balls had never been as massive, noticable but slight improvement in cardio and strength.

First time I used clomid was during my first PCT and I must admit I felt like shit. Not emotionally but achy joints, headaches. So I used Nolva, for most PCTs, until I ran out of it and started to use my supply of clomid instead. Felt fine and never had any problems with it since at a max of 25mg/day.

Bigmaxx, I reckon 25mg twice a day(50mg) was probably too much, 100mg/day definitely would be for a lot of people. Large doses are known to turn men into emotional wrecks. High amounts used to be recommended for PCT, but aren’t these days.

Shamcha very unlikely that 1 tab is going to give you a noticable effect. Whatever the reason if your feeling good go with it. That being said I upped my dose today of clomid from 12.5 to 25mg(PCT) and felt great during my workout, whereas the workouts earlier in the week I was lethargic and a bit achy in the joints despite using less weight.
Orals in general give you a more stable level in your system if you take them in small amounts every day, rather than every second day. Some people do take adex every second or even third day, but it is a stronger drug/mg and can tank your estrogen unless you are taking large amounts of test.