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Clomid after cycle

I did not have clomid available during my cycle. I took hcg after my cycle, just finished that. I finnaly got some clomid should I take this for 4 weeks just in case?

in order for someone to help you. Let us know how long it’s been since you’ve finished your cycle!!! We can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. This goes for everyone here. We will be more than willing to help you, if you tell us what we need to know, not these half assed questions.

I definitely would. It’s not a “just in case” scenario. HCG kick-starts your nuts but doesn’t kick-start the HPTA. If you just use HCG your testosterone production won’t get back to normal after the HCG’s worn off. There is absolutely shedloads of info on this stuff throughout the forum and T-mag proper. Go search for it.

OUCH…Vince is right though. Need more info.

how long has it been since your last injection/oral dosage?

last shot was two weeks ago of omnadren 500 mg